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Yahoo Publisher Network Beta

I received our invitation to participate in the Yahoo Publisher Network Beta program today. This is cool. There’s a lot of support info and sign up was easy. Ad formats and customizations were a snap.

I’m just not sure if there are some problems with publishing YPN ads on because the site I’m testing it out with will not display them. I have an inquiry into YPN support though and I’m sure I’ll have it worked out soon. They also have a support number which is pretty impressive.
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Creative Search Engine Marketing

Moderated by Chris Sherman of Search Engine Watch, this session covered alternative ways to use and measure search engine marketing.

There are many ways to track the effectiveness of your search marketing campaigns. The downside is that you can become “a slave to the numbers”. This panel serves to expand your horizons on using search marketing and measuring effectiveness.

Anne Frisbe – Senior Director, Strategic Alliances Yahoo

Many companies are asking: What can search do for me? One of the primary characteristics of search marketing is that if offers an engaged audience. Through search, consumers pull themselves to you.

Search puts consumers in control – Citing Forrester Consumer Technographics study.

Consumers were asked:
How have you found web sites in the past month? Search #1, Links #2, Email #3

Yahoo Search Marketing Announces Marketing Alliances

At the SEMPO meeting, Yahoo Search Marketing announced the Marketing Alliances program.

The new program “offers a variety of programs designed to assist agencies, search engine marketers (SEMs) and web professionals in furthering their businesses by providing essential resources to help them acquire, retain and refer clients.” according to the site.

Google offers a similar Certified AdWords Professional program and an AdWords / AdSense Referral program for webmasters.

Search Engine Strategies San Jose Coverage 2005

It’s been a great first two days of the conference with some significant improvements in many of the session content and quality. At the NYC SES show earlier this year, I was left with a bit of a disappointment in many of the sessions I attended as many seemed to be exactly as the last few shows. That’s not the case with this show.

It may just be my perception or the sessions I’ve been attending, but this show has been full of great information and new case studies and topics. The search engine patents session was super as well as the blogs/RSS session, although I am not sure how a speaker can give a decent presentation with out some sort of PowerPoint as one of the speakers attempted to do.

Yahoo Search Night Off

Thomas and I ventured over to the Yahoo Search Night Off and it proved to be a great time. Yahoo hosted a pretty good sized event with an all you can eat/drink barbeque.

After running into a few search folks including Chris Sherman of Search Engine Watch (who has a new search book out called Google Power btw) and catching up with Andrew Goodman of Traffick, who’s long overdue second book on Google AdWords should be out any day now, we decided to venture out to the Top Gun rollercoaster nearby. I have not been on a roller coaster in years. All I can say is, front row of the Top Gun coaster is nothing less than awesome. Great enough to ride it 3 times.

Yahoo doubles Google

Yahoo has announced they are now indexing over 20 billion documents – web pages, images, etc. Google reports about half that amount.

Tim Mayer of Yahoo Search provides a very good rundown on many of the improvements Yahoo has made this year on the Yahoo Search Blog.

In this case bigger is not necessisarily better, as Google still commands the majority search market share. According to comScore’s June report, Google holds a 36.9 per cent share of the U.S. search engine market and Yahoo holds 30.4 per cent.

However, Yahoo is providing some very stiff competition and it will be interesting to see what those market share numbers are in a year.

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Google Patent Dissected at SES

Update: Rand has provided this link to a copy of his presentation.

Moderated by Search Engine Watch editor, Chris Sherman, the first session (out of 5 to pick from) of the conference dealt with patents filed by the major search engines how they “might” affect the way web sites can be optimized for better rankings. Ranging from fairly general to breaking down information retrieval mathmatical formulas, there was enough content in this session to fill 3 or more posts so that is what I’ll do.

First up was Rand Fishkin of SEOMoz who presented in absentia via audio files embedded in his PowerPoint presentation. Rand’s presentation focused on several aspects of Google’s “Information Retrieval Based on Historical Data” patent which he has dissected on his web site. Of particular focus were the topics of temporal analysis of links, pages and web sites along with domain data and ranking history.

Must Read: Search Engine Marketing Inc.

I recently recieved a review copy of the new book, Search Engine Marketing Inc by Mike Moran and Bill Hunt. I’ve seen Mike and Bill speak at past Search Engine Strategies conferences regarding their search engine optimization work on the IBM web sites.

While I only had an opportunity to briefly review the book, I can say it may be one of the most comprehensive search marketing books available. Since it will be at least a week before I get a chance to read the whole book, here’s a link to an excerpt available at Webreference: Search Engine Marketing, Inc.: Driving Search Traffic to Your Company’s Web Site. Part 1.

Note, there’s a great mini review within the book by Barry Schwartz, of Search Engine Roundtable.

Pre Conference – Search Engine Strategies San Jose

The San Jose Search Engine Strategies conference begins today and this SES conference promises to be the largest ever.

Two of the sessions I’ll be covering today include:

Search Algorithms: The Patent Files:
Patents released by major search engines aren’t a blueprint for exactly how they find and rank web pages. However, they do offer interesting clues about how things might be done. This session looks at key patents and ponders what might actually be in use and how marketers might best act on released information.

Searcher Behavior Research Update:
How do searchers interact with search engines? New research is constantly coming out revealing how searchers act. This session explores the latest research and provides tips and tactics for search marketers to consider.

Off to San Jose

I’m off to San Jose in about 1/2 hour. Thomas and I are flying out a little early so we can have a little time to check things out before the conference. Am very excited about this conference as I will have the opportunity to interview some key players in the search marketing industry.

I’ll be covering about 2 sessions per day over at Search Engine Smarts – and I will be posting interviews and overall conference observations here – as in Yahoo and Google parties.

I already have a great interviews on deck to be posted shortly with Gavin Appel, VP at Hitwise, who was kind enough to do a demo of both Keyword Intelligence and the Hitwise competitive analysis product.

Yammy Yahoo and Audio Search Too

Yahoo Search Blog announces the launch of Yahoo Audio:

“Y! Audio Search is the largest index of audio content on the Web today, with over 50 million audio files (consider that the average music service has 1 million files, and the next largest audio engine has 12.5 million). “

Another belated Yahoo news item I’ve been meaning to post on is the Yammys – Yahoo Video Search Awards:

“Contestants can submit a video in 1 of 5 categories: Bloopers, Pets, Road Trips, Office Humor, and a Catch-All “I Can’t Believe It!” There’s also a voting phase that starts August 30″

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MSN Keywords PPC Program

Danny Sullivan and Chris Sherman of SearchEngineWatch get the lowdown on the new paid keyword advertising program called MSN Keywords program directly from Microsoft. The managed program will roll out to 500 top advertisers and some Online Marketing Blog/2005/04/msn-adcenter-ramping-up.html”>SEM firms in October and ad formats will be very similar to Google AdWords ads.

Initially covered in the