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Google AdWords Customer Satisfaction Survey

Posted on Sep 20th, 2005
Written by Lee Odden
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    Google sent out another survey to some AdWords advertisers recently. Most of the questions centered around satisfaction with AdWords along with solicitation for feedback and improvements.

    There were also several questions that allude to possible enhancements that Google is considering for the Google Advertising Professionals program. These include:

    • Ability to have Google bill your clients directly and pass on a service fee to you for managing their AdWords accounts
    • A Microsoft Windows-based tool for more easily uploading and downloading AdWords campaigns
    • Technical support by phone for a fee
    • Ability to add your company?Ǭís logo into reports within My Client Center
    • Directory listing of all Google Advertising Professionals on
    • In-person training on Google Advertising Professionals testing curriculum for a fee
    • Web-based training modules on large AdWords product changes (e.g. Site targeting)

    And questions about how Google could help SEMs sell more AdWords included the following options:

    • Additional online training modules on how to more effectively market AdWords to clients
    • In-person training sessions on how to more effectively market AdWords to clients
    • Qualified Google Advertising Professional business card template that you can customize with your own company contact information
    • Online forum to share tips and ideas with other Google Advertising Professionals
    • Best practices manual for marketing & selling AdWords effectively
    • Industry-specific case studies that illustrate the benefits of AdWords
    • In-person training sessions on a how to create & build a business as a Google Advertising Professional.
    • Support from Google (in the form of promotional credits, co-marketing funds or training materials, etc.) to help you provide in-person seminars on AdWords

    A lot of these are great suggestions and I don’t think anyone would complain if Google implemented most of them. Am not so sure about direct billing though. The current Google AdWords training and support area is pretty impressive.

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