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Technorati Blog Finder Beta

I had not noticed this until today so I am not sure how new it is. There is a new tab on Technorati called Blogs Beta for a new blog search tool called Blog Finder.

When you login you can now do several more things with your claimed blogs including: Edit the blog description, add or edit Blog Finder tags and edit the embeded display.

Blog finder tags are pre-populated once you login. but once you edit them, you can see the difference in the Blog Finder search results within minutes. I think Dave Sifry‘s Technorati development team might think about putting a timer on that, or at least limiting how often a blog can edit it’s tags. Seeing search results change this quickly harkens back to the days of old school SEO and Infoseek.

Blogging is NOT a Crime

By now you’ve certainly read about the BS lawsuit Traffic Power has issued against Aaron Wall. The Wall Street Journal, Slashdot and many others have picked up this story.

Aaron has a Online Marketing Blog/2005/08/this-is-just-wrong-traffic-power-sues.html”>LOT of support. Looks like he’s standing up for principle and going to fight it. Threadwatch has a post about those details and about how you can contribute to this cause.

Somewhat Frank has posted some very useful links regarding what blogger rights. Also, I don’t want it misconstrued that my support for Aaoron means I think it’s ok to defame or libel companies on blogs, because I don’t. The issue here is that there is a big difference between explaining your personal opinion and experience and doing the things TP is alleging.