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Q&A on Myriad Search with Aaron Wall

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has built a new Meta Search Engine called Myriad Search.

Aaron was nice enough to let me know about the tool last week. Here’s a quick Q&A we had on Myriad Search:

Lee: What prompted you to make this meta engine?

Aaron: Well I wanted to create a authority finder like a tool that cross referenced the engines and then I got thinking it was only a few more tweaks to make it a meta search service.

Lee: Are you presenting this mostly as an authority finder or as myriadsearch? or both?

Aaron: Well I think the myriad search will appeal to a broader audience. It is more of a power search tool than an seo tool.

Lee: Myriad power search!

Aaron: That is why it links through to the advanced search pages from each engine as well. I might think of ways to extend it as well. It wouldn’t be hard to do things like import alexa data and the like. The biggest thing is just getting feedback to see what people think of it.

Lee: Does a meta engine like this with the controls solve problems that exist with other search engines?

Aaron: Well, when compared to other meta engines it lacks their problems which is tons of paid ads in the search results. This tool should make it easy to have a fine control and allow people to mix the results from various engines

When testing Myriad Search last Friday, there were a few minor bugs which Aaron was sure to either fix himself of have fixed. Since then a logo has been created and the “style” of the site has been added plus other enhancements I’m sure I don’t know about.

Some particularly neat features of Myriad Search include the ability to determine how much “bias” each search engine will have on the results. You can also quickly switch from All search results to those from Google, or Yahoo or MSN or Ask using the tabs. Additionally, you can output search results as a CSV file.

The fine tuning options present some very interesting options not found in other meta search engines. Plus, there are no advertisements. Check out here. Aaron is actively looking for feedback, so be sure to leave a comment.

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