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Microsoft Considers Acquiring AOL Search – Count on it: death, taxes and changes in the search industry.

Google Zeitgeist 05 – Cats and Dogs living together, but don’t talk about it.

– The devil is in the details and this post has the details from SEJ

Forbes hires SEO Firm – If Forbes is going to do it, then get off your ass and sign up!

Resources I feel like linking to today:
Marketing Experiments – Data, data data, yum!
WDFM – Larry Chase is an old school online marketer and this list is full of new nuggets.
Ads on Blogs – New blog on the topic of advertising on blogs from Peter Brady. No, not that one.
Marketing Pilgrim – Andy Beal – He’s back!
Multilingual Search – Andy Atkins-Kruger – New blog in an under served space.
SearchReturn – Detlev Johnson – I-Search reborn. More on this later.
Search Creative – Jill Whalen – New business.
Jim’s Blog – Jim Boykin – New blog.
SEM 2.0 – Andrew Goodman – Check out his new AdWords book btw.
Searching for Profit – Amanda Watlington – New business.

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