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Sphere Beta, a True Blog Search Engine

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I received my login to the beta version of the new blog search engine Sphere this morning. Founded by Tony Conrad, Martin Remy, and Steve Nieker, Sphere is a true blog search engine and not a RSS feed search engine, like Google Blog Search.

From the invite email:

“The primary focus of our product is relevance. We want to make sure the most relevant blog posts make it to the top of our results. We’re also working hard to ensure that our results are as fresh and comprehensive as possible.”

Search results look pretty good with post title, blog title, snippet, and how long ago the post was made. Each result also has a link to a “profile” which may be something blog owners can “claim” ala Technorati in the future.

John Battelle has a good post about Sphere company details and TechCrunch did a very nice review earlier in October. That’s where/when I first heard of Sphere and signed up for an invite to the beta.

In the spirit of “beta” I made a screen shot of Sphere using the beta web browser, Flock:

Sphere Screenshot
Click the image to see a much larger version.

The Sphere team are working hard to avoid duplicate entries and filter out blog spam, which is a welcome effort. It would be interesting for blog owner interaction of some sort, such as with the profile or to provide additional validation of a blog. Nice search tool, one I’ll be watching (and using).

If you want to try Sphere beta blog search, you’ll need to sign up for an invite.

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  1. Avatar tony conrad says

    Thanks Lee for your review. We definetly plan to enable bloggers to claim and edit their profiles. We think the best way for the profile information to have utility is by making it richer, creating a more accurate reflection of a bloggers interest and personality. Please continue to give us feedback as we prepare for our public launch. Thanks again.

    Tony Conrad
    CEO/ Founder Sphere

  2. Thank you Tony, for an alternative blog search service. Shoot me a note about any updates and I’ll be happy to post.

    Lee Odden

  3. Thanks for the heads up on sphere.com. I signed up, but they haven’t sent an invite back yet. Any ideas?

  4. I’m sure they will send out another round of invites soon.