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Search Engine Thanksgiving

Here’s a very happy online marketing Thanksgiving to you. Here are a few logos from search engines:

Google Thanksgiving

Yahoo Thanksgiving

I guess MSN Search isn’t in the Thanksgiving spirit, or they just don’t get into the seasonal logo changes.

Happy Thanksgiving to Online Marketing Blog readers!

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  1. This year I am thankful that Democrats have control of both houses of Congress, that Bush has only 2 years left as (Supreme court)-ordered President. I am thankful that word is going around our troops will be coming home sooner than expected.
    I am thankful that the Texas Governor is contemplating running for VP in 2 years (meaning he’ll be out of here sooner too).

    I am thankful that technology has allowed me to post my feelings for all to see and read.

    I am thankful that Sen. Pelosi is the House Speaker, and that Lieberman will side with Democrats during a tie breaker.

    I am thankful the minimum wage is going up.

    I am thankful for all the Democratic leaders in our country, the have more sense.


  1. Happy Thanksgiving!

    I want to wish a very happy Thanksgiving to everyone. May your next year be full of things to be thankful for too!
    Here’s some more holida cheer from some of my favorite blogs (in no particular order):

    [BLACKFIVE: Thanksgiving]
    [Barking Moo…

  2. Share Results Blog » The Money-Making Season is Upon us! says:

    […] Here at Share Results, we get excited when the leaves start falling from the trees and those breezes start getting a little chilly – and so do our affiliates . The cooler air means that retail activity, particularly online purchasing, is going to start picking up. First comes the Back-to-School season, Halloween, then turkey time (well, lucky for us Canadians, we get our yummy Thanksgiving meal before Halloween), then the holy grail of all retail occasions – Christmas – arrives. […]