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Google AdSense Webinar Announcing New Features

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On Wednesday, December 21 Google is conducting a webinar to present new features with AdSense.

Recently, a better search box has been implemented as well as the option to have AdSense reports emailed to you

I was hoping Jen would have more info, at least publicly, but she’s smarter than to give any more info than necessary. I’m not sure if you can still sign up, but if so it would be here.

According to Darren Rowse, of Problogger:

"They’ll be looking at the referrals program, onsite advertiser sign up and section targeting among other things."

Technically, this is an "unlisted event" on the Webex site, so I doubt I’ll have any additional info until it happens other than this from the Google Adsense New page:

Increasing monetization through new forms of advertising

As part of our goal to improve the monetization of your sites, Google has introduced a number of new features for advertisers, which will directly impact you as an AdSense publisher.

We anticipate that these features will introduce new advertising dollars into the content network by giving advertisers additional ways to reach their objectives.

We’re currently testing these new features with a select group of advertisers, and expect to make the features more widely available in the near future.

While I don’t run AdSense on the Online Marketing Blog site right now, I do have at least one other "hobby" site that pulls in a very good return on investment from me. Something along the order of $350 per hour for the time I put into it. Over the past 3-5 months I’ve been evangelizing the notion of AdSense to quite a few people in my personal network (my pop just started a blog) and professional network: search marketing, interactive marketing and public relations. It’s a great opportunity for publishers of quality content to monetize traffic and add value to their web sites.

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