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SES Chicago Day 2 Wrap Up

This is the first SES conference I’ve been to where there were no large scale events sponsored by any of the major search engines. There are smaller, invite-only gatherings, but they only involve a small number of attendees. 

I opted to check out some of the Chicago steak houses recommended to me by Jolina, one our Public Relations rockstars, who is from the area.

On Sunday, Andy from WebCertain and I first checked out Harry Caray’s.  This place is definitely a Chicago tradition in sports bars. Unfortunatley, their interpretation of what "medium" means was very different than what Andy and I had in mind. Service was excellent though.

On Tuesday night we checked out Gene and Georgetti. The concierge at the Hilton gave us a card and said to ask for "Tom, the guy with the white hair by the bar". Walking into this place was like walking onto a movie set centered around a very Italian "family" business. Lots of character and charm. Seating was very "cozy", but it didn’t matter. The service was super and the food was great.

Enough about eating. Here’s a link list of sessions from SES Chicago day two from Barry, Ben and Chris at Search Engine Roundtable as well as a few I squeezed in.

KEYNOTE: The Search Marketing Community – SER
Keynote with Danny Sullivan – OMB
Business To Business Tactics – SER
Creating Compelling Ads – SER
News Search SEO – SER
Meet The News Search Engines – SER
SEM Via Communities, Wikipedia & Tagging – SER
SEM via Communities, Wikipedia & Tagging – OMB
Meet The Blog & Feed Search Engines – SER
RSS Blogs and Search Marketing Panel – OMB
RSS, Blogs, and Search Marketing – Join The RSS Revolution! – SER
Successful Site Architecture – SER

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