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SEO.com for Sale

I received an interesting call yesterday from someone who wanted to know if I was going to SES in New York because she wanted to talk to companies that might be interested in buying a domain name she owned.

My response without knowing the domain name was, “Thanks but no thanks”. Then she shared that it was seo.com, which was interesting, but not for me.

I am curious what a domain name like seo.com would go for? Who would buy it? I guess another logical question is, “Is SEO.com really for sale?”. The whois info shows a holding company in NYC which is different than the info the person gave me on the phone.

If any other SEO firm received the same call and that did some due dilligence, please leave a comment.

For an excellent article on buying and selling domain names, check out Todd Malicoat’s website valuation post. (thanks Aaron for reminding me of this link via SEM 2.0)

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  1. Thanks for your comment Fionn. I was starting to wonder if it was a prank call. Who cold calls selling something for 500k?

    There are too many other ways to put that kind of money to use than to buy a vanity domain name. I’ll keep the great rankings with our current crappy domain name, no problem.

  2. I’d pay maybe $1000 for it!

    (Didn’t get the call, but then I don’t answer my phone much, so ya never know.)

  3. Recieved the same call. I pointed out that there were not many SEO companies with the 500K starting price. Targetting SEO companies who already had high organic rankings for seo terms was probably not her target market. You cant but try I suppose. A D&B search on the company BP Holdings Group, Inc.
    the registrant comes up with nothing. Its amazing what people think they can sell domains for.

  4. It would certainly be worth a pretty penny in the right hands. I’m not sure what sort of company would go for it though. It would probably be great in the hands of a start up with a fair bit of VC behind them, or an SEO company struggling looking for a new image and an instant boost.

  5. Avatar steve Mistretta says

    I agree with Jill maybe 1k then use the remaining 499k to market the business and pay salaries of hgihly some talented SEO people.

  6. Well,
    I can tell you that in a month or so someone will own seo.com. Email me for further info.

  7. Mike Mann purchased SEO.com on 2007 June 15.

  8. Guess what. It apparently sold for $5 Million Dollars! http://blog.domaintools.com/2007/06/mike-mann-buys-seo-com/

    I’ve got a bridge in Brooklyn and some swamp land in Florida for this guy if he’s interested in buy them to.

  9. That is an awful lot amount of money for just a domain !!!

    Webtargeted.com is mike mann’s company ? cause apparently its where the link takes you under the covers of the frames !!