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Thanks to Phillip Lenssen, I have a Writely account to play with. Seems pretty cool actually. I can see how useful it will be for collaborating on the many group writing projects we have in our PR and SEO firm. We do use jot.com as a Wiki, but that’s more for spreadsheet collaboration.

The list of features for Writely is amazingly long. Whatever you might use a text editor for is applicable for Writely including creating blog posts, MS Word docs, PDFs, web pages, and even Open Office docs. There are tagging features and some cool right click options too.

Do you want a Writely invite? You can either leave a comment here (I only have 5 left) or you can visit the Chat room at Google Blogscoped.

There are also other online word processors like Zoho Writer that do not require an invite.

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  1. Avatar Barnaby Capel-Dunn says

    Dear Lee,
    Any chance of an invitation? I don’t pretend that it’s a matter of life and death, but Word has just gone on the blink and it would certainly help to use Writely.
    Thanks anyway


  2. Hi Lee,

    If you’ve still got any left, I’d really like to try out Google’s latest acquisition.


  3. Hello Lee

    Please send me an invite! I’d like to try it too 🙂
    Thanks in advance

  4. I’ve been praising Writely since the day I found it months ago. It’s simply the best and I won’t install Word on my home machine since I have Writely. For Excel, I suggest iRows and for PowerPoint you can check out Thumbstacks.

  5. Exellent tips Thomas, thanks. Barnaby, Robbie, Emmanuel, your invites are on the way.

  6. Thanks for the offer Lee, if you still have an invite left I would appreciate one!

  7. Hello Lee

    Please send me an invite! I would like to it too
    Thanks in advance

  8. Michael, yours has been sent. That’s five, but I believe I have 1 or 2 more. Rong, you’ll need to provide an email address.

  9. Hi Lee! That sounds like a great feature. I’d love an invite if you have any left. It would greatly benefit the work we do with our company. Thanks so much for offering people this opportunity!

  10. Thanks, Lee!

  11. Avatar steve Mistretta says

    Lee could I snag an invite?

    TY Steve

  12. Avatar steve Mistretta says

    Got it TY Lee

  13. If you’ve got any more invites left, I’d love one too. Thanks!

  14. Lee,

    I’d like an invite if you got one. Thanks.

  15. Lee,
    Looks like I am standing in a long line, but would appreciate an invite if you have any left. Thanks.
    Teri (from NY and MIMA)

  16. It is really interesting that Writely has stopped invitation when it is the buz of the media and everyone is eager to try it.

  17. Avatar Aaron Pratt says

    It’s very funny waiting in Phil’s chat room for an invite. 🙂

    That guy is a freakin’ class act eh?

  18. Thanks a lot for the Zoho Writer mention, Lee! Do have a look at the other Zoho apps at http://zoho.com

    And, believe you came across rankquest.com. While there are many tools on offer, Rankquest’s toolbar is quite a hit. Check it out.

    @ Razib: All this sudden exposure would definitely be too heavy on their servers & it is actually an intelligent move by Google. Think Google learnt this from the Google Analytics, Google Base & more recently the Google Pages launches. The way they launch the upcoming Google Calendar should be pretty interesting. (they have done a good job leaking out details & creating expectations)

  19. Aravind, I just took a look at the list of Zoho apps. Pretty impressive! I will be checking out the CRM app for sure. I would like to try out Zoho Sheet as well.

    I think you’re on target on Google limiting Writely sign ups as well. Their previous underestimation of market response and infrastructure needs warrants a more conservative approach. Am looking forward to checking out Google Calendar.

  20. Tim and Robert, yours should be on the way. That’s it! Sorry folks, I’m out. As Mr. Pratt has pointed out, visit Phillip Lenssen’s chat room to try and get an invite.

  21. Avatar need_invite says

    I would really like an invitation to writely.
    Please send me one
    mi mail:
    quimrs [at] gmail.com


  22. Why RankQuest Tools????? The RankQuest tools are really worth for any kind of website analysing. Code cleaner and Combo Result viewer are two extraordinary tools which give really the superb result. Why not you people can try it out. Its really coool…..


  23. Avatar Moshe Pack says

    Any Writely invites left?

    Thank you,

  24. Sorry Moshe, all my Writely invites are used up.

  25. Avatar Moshe Pack says

    Thank you anyway.

  26. Was wondering if you had any invites left. Thanks anyways.

  27. Avatar Moshe Pack says

    I send can you an invite. Please post your email address.

  28. hello, could someone please send me a writely invite? i’d love to try it out!

    [email protected]

    thanks in advance!!

  29. Thanks for the reply Moshe. My email is jadcherla at no spam gmail dot com. Thank you!!!

  30. thanks heaps mosche 😉

  31. Thanks a lot Moshe…

  32. Hi

    Can I please have a Google Writely invite?


    (Remove the NOSPAMPLEASE and change the [at] to an @ and the [dot] to a .



  33. Hi Lee,

    Can I have one for me?


  34. I’d like an invite too. [email protected]

  35. Anyone have an invite? [email protected]

  36. Any invites left? I would love one, if anyone can help. [email protected]


  37. I would also love to have an invite.

    berkzorlu [at] gmail [dot] com

    Thank you in advance…

  38. Can I have an invite if you could share me in one of your word documents?

    My email is [email protected]

    Thanks and regards,

  39. Hi there if anyone has one and could share a writely invite i greatly appreciate it, thanks many millions in advance.

    My email is [email protected],

    Thanks so much

  40. Need an invite! [email protected]

  41. Avatar Writely wannabe says

    if, by chance, you still have an invite and want to share the goodness, I’d definitely appreciate to get one… Thanks !

  42. email [email protected] if you are looking for an invite still Writely wannabe, ill gladly help you.


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