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I just received my beta test acceptance to Google Gmail for domains. The domain name I’m using is marketingblog.com and there are 50 accounts to start. The process to get set up once you’re accepted into the beta seems pretty straightforward.

Features include:
A control panel where you can, “create new users, modify or suspend accounts, create aliases and lists, and customize the look and feel of Gmail for marketingblog.com. You can even upload whole lists of new users with the bulk upload feature, and assign administrative rights to multiple accounts.”

I need to do some things with our name server to make it all work, but hopefully we’ll have marketingblog.com Google email addresses available for the contributing bloggers on that site soon.

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  1. Avatar cpdohman says

    hey lee,

    nice to see your steady stream of posts even while you are at ses, thanks.

    do you think gmail for domains will catch on with many companies using gmail to reduce their bandwidth, hardware, and maint fees? a few issues i wonder about are privacy with google having access to all your email, is there pop access for using clients like tbird & outlook, and are there any google fees? is the 50 accounts you mention above what google limits you to now? i am interested in any follow-up you have on this topic after you use it a while and any issues you find.


  2. Hi Chris,

    I believe there is pop3 access for TB and Outlook and there are only fees if you have over 50 accounts. I will most certainly post notes once I’m caught up and everything is in place and tested.

  3. Avatar Cristian Vat says


    GMail is just one of the greatest webmail clients out there, so I see this as a good thing, being able to attach your personal/company identify to it.
    Could you explain what changes to the dns servers are needed? I don’t own my nameserver and want to know if it’s something easy or which can be done without too much trouble from the people hosting my domain.

    Hope to hear more on this topic from you,
    Cristian Vat

  4. shouldn’t be much more than an update of your mx record to redirect to the google server handling your mail.

  5. You are correct cpdohman, I’ve just been to swamped to do it myself, but the DNS edit and subsequent propagation should happen by Monday.

  6. hey….does it allow catch all addrresses ??

  7. I don’t think catch all addresses are part of the offering. I will ask about that though.

    I have it setup and works just like, ah – Gmail. 🙂

  8. I just got my Gmail for Domains account setup today, and was able to send mail within minutes after changing my MX record.

    So far I’ve found only two annoyances:

    1) Gmail notifier doesn’t seem to work with the domain account (it can’t login to my “admin” account).

    2) No catchall accounts — yet. That’s what it says on the help pages.

  9. Thanks for the feedback Mark. I’ve been using Gmail for Domains for a few weeks now and it’s been fine. It would be nice to have a catch all domain though.

  10. Interesting. The IE notifier works for you? I even uninstalled it, downloaded it, and reinstalled it again.

    When notifier asked for a login, what did you enter? [email protected]? That’s what I tried.

  11. Hey Mark, I have not tried the IE notifier yet – sorry. When I do, I’ll post.

  12. Hey, I got gmail for domains also. It’s pretty cool. Until now I’ve been running postfix/courier on my hosting. It’s such a pain in the ass to administrate. I’m mostly glad to use gmail just to save myself from the effort of managing my own e-mail server.

    A catchall account would be nice, but mostly I miss the notifier. Neither the official Google notifier nor the Firefox extension work at all. I e-mailed Google, but all I got back was an automated response. Hopefully this is fixed soon.

  13. Hello, I was wondering how long it took any of you people who are using gmail for domains to get accepted. Time is critical for me, and am nervous I wont get an acceptance letter before it’s too late. Any idea how long it takes?


  14. Curtis, it took a few days to a week I belive.


  1. […] We’ve been testing out the Gmail for Domains service with another domain name since March of this year and it’s been convenient being able to send and receive email using a domain name that has all the features of Gmail. Testing of the new Apps under a domain name have started today and we’ll report back findings in the next week or so. […]