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“Why Media Buyers Must Understand SEO” by Tessa Wegert over at ClickZ addresses how blogs and viral marketing are effective linking tactics and therefore important for search marketing.

Increasingly, I am seeing the creative aspect of search marketing growing in importance. SEO grew out of IT because so many technical issues existed causing sites not to rank well. Now search engines are better at indexing a wider array of file formats and more sophisticaed urls. Off page factors such as links are just as or more important as technical SEO.

Viral marketing and link bait are pretty much the same thing and it’s the creative side of search marketing that will generate the most value as the industry matures. Great content is the best linking strategy whether that content exists on your site or somewhere else and links back to you.

Interactive marketers can better serve their clients by understanding the SEO effect their marketing efforts will have and incorporate SEO knowledge within interactive campaigns to better leverage search referred traffic.

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  1. Avatar Mike Klingler says

    I am just amazed at where SEO is going. I am a marketer, and have spent millions trying to perfect online and offline marketing for a specific industry I am in. To no avail, I have always been one step behind the curve. All the while I could have developed SEO optimization and would be rocking right now if I had. What I see hapenning is just amazing. By finding ways for members to link their contact or add content to one’s site, and allowing other members’ to rate it based on content quality, we can now create a model that can kick butt on the SEO without having to create the content or links ourselves! However, going forward, as more and more models pick up on this the competition gets more tough. For now, it is still a wide open territory.

  2. Seems like a pitch for online MLM to me Mike.