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Windows Live Search to Replace MSN Search

Microsoft’s Live.com is getting major upgrades (very slow right now) via Scobelizer and more details including RSS feed search over at Read/Write Web.

According to seattlepi.com:

“Although still in test form, Windows Live Search signals the future direction of the company‚Äôs efforts in the market. It‚Äôs slated to eventually replace the MSN Search service that debuted last year, when Microsoft set out on its own in a bid to make up ground in the search business.”

CNET News.com had an interview with Yusuf Mehdi, senior vice president of MSN information services who says Microsoft has closed the gap with Yahoo and is “within a couple of points of Google.” That’s a pretty bold claim which reminds me of an old adage, “Don’t tell me, show me.”

Microsoft also announced their acquisition of Onfolio, which has been integrated with the Windows Live Toolbar.

“The new Onfolio Add-in for the Windows Live Toolbar beta will give people convenient ways to collect information online and organize it on their PCs. People can harness this information by saving it onto their computer so that it can be easily accessed for use in documents, e-mail messages and blog postings.”

I’m all for making search better and it’s great to see Microsoft making this kind of effort. Whether it advances Microsoft Search to the level of Yahoo or Google, remains to be seen.

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  1. I also like that Microsoft is entering into the search arena a little more seriously.

    The more competition, the more we as users will benefit from the added innovation and creativity that battling it out with other companies always produces.

  2. Avatar Lee Odden says

    Search engine innovations also add some spice to the world of SEO. Keeps the part timers on their toes.

  3. I did a search for a keyword and after waiting about 90 seconds with NO results I just ran.

    What the heck is MSN Live? Does it mean MSN Slow?

    By the way … Lee …. I see you everywhere. If that’s your plan … you’re doing a great job. When I say everywhere, I mean everywhere. SES NYC also … sat 2 rows away from you not recognizing that it was you. Maybe because you lost your suits and had to wear jeans? 😉

  4. Hi Igor,
    Yeah, it’s a bit slow. Seems like Google and Microsoft both are in the habit of underestimating infrastructure needs when they launch a new service these days. (Google Page Creator, Google Analytics)

    Losing the suits was a little annoying but jeans are ok too.

    Be sure to say hi at the next conference!