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Long Weekend and No SEO

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I leave in an hour with the clan to California for a nice long weekend. Being a glutton for work, I will have my laptop with me so my post title is probably not entirely true. Travelling with a group of 5 can be interesting especially if 3 of them are 7 or under. Unless Thomas breaks from the massive mountain of work in front of him, posting will be rather light for a few days.
A couple of quick items:

In case you don’t know about it already, check out SEO Blog RSS feed aggregator site, SearchBrains.com. This site is an awesome way to track what’s happening with most of the top SEO blogs all in one place.

For SEO practitioners in the Twin Cities area, Minnesota, we are having our 3rd SEO/SEM Get Together in Minneapolis next week on Thursday evening. If you would like more info on that, send me an email. blog at toprankresults dot com.

Thomas has made a handy Firefox extension called yExplore which gives quick access to Yahoo Site Explorer, a very useful tool for checking number of pages indexed, inbound links among other things. Nice job again Thomas!

(update: I should read my own blog eh? Thomas already posted about yExplore)

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