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WebmasterWorld Boston 2006 Pubcon Wrapup

Posted on Apr 21st, 2006
Written by Lee Odden
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    Boston Pubcon 2006
    This year’s Pubcon in Boston was held at the Elephant in the Castle, a good sized Boston bar/pub. Starting out in the lower level, the WebmasterWorld crowd eventually took over the main bar as well. If forgot my conference badge but Brett Tabke was in the doorway greeting conference goers and giving out (lots of) drink tickets so getting in was no problem.

    There was plenty of networking with a little food/drink here and there. I think I need to upgrade to a phone with a better camera or just start bringing a camera to conferences so I can take more/better quality photos.

    Matt Cutts was there for a little while before flying back to CA. As always Matt was talking to a group of webmasters answering questions. As a company frontman to the webmaster community, Matt’s a really good choice. He’s obviously very intelligent but also very friendly to everyone and approachable. He acknowledged getting the questions I sent him about user and toolbar data, so hopefully he’ll have time to answer those. A lot of people would like to get some clarification from Google on the use or non-use of that kind of information.

    I ran into many more great people from the search marketing community and it was a good to do some catching up. Tempting as it was, I did not make it over to the Berkman Group meeting over at Harvard that Amanda Watlington invited me (and others) to. Too much work had built up over the past 3 days conference and if I didn’t tackle it Thursday night, I’d be working all weekend.

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    The next WebmasterWorld Pubcon conference is the big one held in Las Vegas November 14-17. I’ve been invited to speak again so I’ll see you there.