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ACCM Search Marketing Wrapup

I made it over to the monstrosity, McCormick Place yesterday am and navigated the labyrinth of halls to finally find the search marketing room for ACCM. It was nice to see some familiar faces. The FMI and 4 other food shows were occurring in the bigger part of the McCormick so people were everywhere. Cabs were not.

The 15 Sizzlin Hot Search Marketing Ideas session debuted to a standing room only crowd I’m happy to say. After I don’t know how many back to back sessions, Heather Lloyd-Martin bubbled with enthusiasm and insight as moderator. I don’t know how she does it really. There was literally zero time between sessions.

Lisa Papageras from What on Earth covered her experiences with paid search including keyword testing and about conducting a regular matchback against the print catalog mail file to ensure proper credit for sales. Patricia Hursh offered her expertise with paid search including a great example of a comparison shopping page. This was the first time I gave my particular presentation and I would like it to have gone better, but it was ok. Overall it was a nice mix of paid search and SEO with blogs and RSS mixed in. There were some great tips for catalog marketers and I hope to see this session again at the next ACCM show.

There were several other search marketing sessions that I did not get to see including: “Back to Basics: SEO Boot Camp” and “Integrating Your Organic and PPC Search Marketing: A Checklist for Merchants”.

However, I did see the “Top Three Search Marketing Opportunities for Merchants”, which I was able to blog and will post later today. Amanda Watlington shared her insight into using blogs and RSS. Everytime I see her speak on this topic she has a new presentation. That’s refreshing because some conferences let the speakers present the same thing year after year. I had never seen Detlev Johnson speak before and he shared many pearls of wisdom on paid inclusion including some new features offered by Yahoo dealing with categories. Howard Blumenthal from shop.com provided a lot of very interesting info on comparison shopping. It was a great session with a lot of takeawys for catalog marketers.
I also attended the “Measuring and Maximizing Your Search Marketing Conversions” session but did not blog it as they were using my laptop for the presentations. John Marshall from ClickTracks is always entertaining and enlightening with his approach to web analaytics.
Afterwards there was a little kicking back and conversation to be had with old friends and new on the gigantic tradeshow floor and while waiting forever to get a cab. We found a way to pass the time though 🙂

I did make it for a little while to Buddy Guy’s Legends for some blues and pool. One thing I really enjoy about the search marketing industry and particularly about participating at conferences, is that there are so many smart, savvy and decent people involved. There are several people who have been amazingly helpful to me in the past two years (you know who you are) and it’s not like anything I’ve experienced in any other industry.

Next up for speaking gigs is DM Days in New York June 20-23. Matt Bailey and I will be speaking at a session called SEO 101.

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