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Integrating SEO with Public Relations

Karen Sams over at our PR firm does a nice job explaining the value and benefits of incorporating search engine optimization with public relations in a short PR and SEO video case study.

You hear a lot of buzz about PR and SEO in articles, on forums, conferences, etc with few practical examples. Of the examples that are shown, they are often repeats of the same example. For some variety and insight, Our team put together a short video with information on one particular client campaign involving search engine optmization and public relations with impressive results.

At TopRank Marketing, we’ve recently increased our PR staff with cross training into SEO from day one and will be adding more very soon. I’ve made comments on this blog regarding not taking on any new projects and I should clarify: While we are not taking on any SEO-only projects at the moment, what we are ramping up for and can expand on a great deal are client engagements that involve offline PR and SEO and/or online PR and SEO.

These are the types of programs that allow us to provide the most value and impact for clients. SEO alone is like using just one tool to get a job done when several tools will get it done more effectively. Offline advertising, direct marketing and public relations can indeed affect online visibility. By incorporating concepts like keyword strategy across corporate communications, whether it be site optimization or direct mail or contributed articles, organizations can take advantage of both active and passive signals that determine web site relevancy as well as cross channel branding.

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  1. I agree. However it always feels cheap to just generate content solely for the keywords. I suppose it’s the name of the game these days, but it’s a damn shame.


  2. I think you’re missing the point Milo. Incorporating keyword insight into multichannel communications is all about the user. Rankings on certain keywords are only one of many means to an end. It would be a waste to generate content solely for keywords as the focus needs to be on providing value to the user and to guide them to the outcome you desire.

    Your comment, “it feels cheap to just generate content solely for the keywords” is like saying, “it feels cheap to just generate advertising soley for the branding”.

  3. I guess that web PR cannot do without any marketing jobs included behind. And this is what we call integration. And to define what is PR in the web somehow encompasses the same description as web marketing. The two really may be said as inseparable.

  4. The presentation does an excellent job of demonstrating how shifts in technology and the methods used to connect businesses, partners, and end-user/consumers aren

  5. Hey Arnold, reverse your thinking. Smaller businesses are already competing with larger companies using press release optimization while their large and lethargic PR firms figure it out.


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