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New Improved Yahoo Sponsored Search

Yahoo advertisers received an email recently announcing up and coming enhancements including instant ads & geotargeting to the program. I know a lot of complaints I hear from clients about Yahoo Search Marketing/Oveture has to do with the length of time it takes for the editorial process. This is a step in the right direction. The addition of geotargeting will also be a nice addition and help local search advertisers.

It looks like even more changes are in store:

“This is just the first step. After all advertisers have successfully transitioned to the new Sponsored Search, we plan to quickly introduce many more innovative products, features and tools that will give you even more ways to connect with customers.”

Loren Baker over at Search Engine Journal offers up more details.

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  1. Hi Lee
    I agree with you regarding the length of time for the editorial process. That has always been one of the largest complaints we have had at the company I work at and the review process has always seemed random.

    I made some comments regarding this announcement here:

    Geo-Targeting is a must have feature and I am glad to see them supporting it. I was looking at the new MSN AdCenter and it seems to have some interesting innovations in regard to local bidding and I’ll be curious to see whether or not they add the same improvements in the mix.

  2. I think the new additions to yahoo are great with the exception of one. Average bids and average position are a lot less accurate when bidding. You don’t know where your competition is bidding. This causes everyone to bid higher resulting in more revenue for yahoo. I’ve watch my CPC go up 10% in the last 3 days and it’s still increasing. Thanks yahoo.


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