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SearchEngineFeeds.org has a slew of search engine related blog feeds worth checking out. There was some type of voting, and the feed for Online Marketing Blog (being called the Top Rank Blog for some reason) was listed in the top five SEO feeds.

I still like Aaron and Ralph’s lists best though.

Since my favorite SEO related blogs (Aaron, Loren, Barry, Andrew, Rand, Jim, Todd, Andy, Matt (who now beats me for the #1 spot on Google for “seo blog” hmmm), Danny and many more – sorry not enough time to list them all) that I know to be the “actual” most popular and respected seo blog feeds are not in the top list – I have to take the voting with a grain of salt. Actually, it’s good to take any kind of ranked list lightly. They can never be 100% accurate. But, I’ll take the link anyway 🙂

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@LeeOdden is the CEO of TopRank Marketing and editor of Online Marketing Blog. Cited for his expertise by The Economist, Forbes and the Wall Street Journal, he's the author of the book Optimize and presents internationally on B2B marketing topics including content, search, social media and influencer marketing. When not at conferences, consulting, or working with his talented team, he's likely running, traveling or cooking up something new.


  1. I looked at the Top 5 list – if your site hadn’t been included, I would have assumed the list was nothing but an advertorial. Where in the world did they get that list?

  2. You know, I was contemplating even posting about it. I think they did a poor job of promoting it and therefore, what I consider the “real” best SEO blog feeds, were not listed. Maybe I should try some thing like this (sans Online Marketing Blog). You can be sure I would get the word out to the search marketing community.

  3. Avatar seoforumz says


    I assume it would be easy for you to promote something similar as you have probably 100 times that amount of readers that I currently get. You are also on the good side of many other SEO’s who would probably help you to promote it where I have just begun making a mark. That would be something very hard for me to accomplish without more time and stature amongst peers, but I tried my best and learned a lot of things I could do better.

    Just because I have a list up does not mean those are the very best ones, it only means they did the best in the voting contest. The tag-line for the site says, “find the most popular ones.” Well, the most popular ones are listed, just not always at the top (you may have to actually find them via tags, archives, cats, related posts etc). One of my goals for this site was to give less known bloggers and blogs with interesting themes and content a chance to get discovered. The ‘lists’ on each category and sub-cat are only ordered temporary, and I have not even started the contests for money. I assume once the FINAL list is determined that many of the blogs you listed will be there too. The point of this contest was to help spread the word, and you have twice, so thanks for that.

    For anyone wondering how I got this list, it was determined by the people who knew, and yes, it is always good to take ranked lists with a grain as there are nearly always inaccuracies. By having multiple contest and determining the order several times, I hope to have a final list made of the best blog and forum content. Right now, the list is showing some of the less well known ones, but that doesnt mean it couldn’t have been others. Matt and Rand along with some of the others you listed got an email about the contest just like you did, they choose not to participate as much and did not post on their blogs either (just too busy I guess).

    The ones who got the most votes were the ones who posted about the contest on their blogs or forums. Oh yeah, I used the sites domain names mostly to list them, that’s how you ended up with “Top Rank Blog.”

    Some blogs I discovered and liked during the contest that I didn’t know about before were: itraffic-ctrl, hawaii streets, link-building-blog and straightupsearch.

  4. seoforumz, you make a good point about lists that I failed to mention in my post. I have found that ranked lists of blogs are an excellent way to find out about new blogs. Perhaps some of the explanation you give in your comments above could be on the searchenginefeeds web site?

    BTW, I get snobbed by other bloggers as much as anyone, so even if I did “get the word out” that’s no guarantee they would do anything about it. 🙂

  5. Avatar seoforumz says

    Lee, I appreciate the feedback you have whether positive or negative. One of the reason I think you get a lot of readers (and why I like your writing) is your ‘fair’ mindedness and the fact that you analyze from all sides, not just yours!

    With so many reading choices, it would be silly for anyone to limit the daily ones to ‘just the most well known’ ones or blogs that ‘others deem popular and worthy.’

    I have some work to do on searchenginefeeds, no doubt, and thought I had most of these things covered, but I guess I will have to bulk up the Featured Sources News on the blog and maybe add in an About page for the site (I planned to already just had other priorities).

    Your last statement is so true! Seems like you never know how the blogosphere will react to a given post or announcement about getting the word out on something.

    Are you coming to Seattle this week for SEW Live? Maybe I will say hello, if I see you there.

  6. Avatar seoforumz says

    I just noticed the link above to Rand’s site is broken…think it needs to be ‘blog.php’ and not ‘/blog/’.

  7. Lee … wanted to ask you … how do you actually track how many people subscribe to your blog via RSS and the feeds with those Yahho, google and other readers???

  8. We use a Feedburner.com Pro account. I highly recommend it!

  9. Thank you Lee. …… all done now.


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