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BtoC Search Marketing Tactics

Many small and medium sized consumer products marketers strive for the biggest bang for the buck when allocating budgets. While our SEO firm specializes more in BtoB SEO, PR and blogs, there are some fundamental consumer product site promotion tactics we’ve found to be appropriate in many cases. Each is measurable to ROI and can be scaled to some degree.

  1. Pay per click – Advertising on Google, Yahoo, MSN
  2. Site optimization – Improving “natural” rankings on search engines
  3. Optimized press releases – Announce sales, contests or special offers via press release
  4. Blog marketing – Add a blog to web site to encourage search rankings, incoming links, interaction with consumers
  5. Paid inclusion and shopping feeds – Submit a feed of your products to Google’s Froogle.com, Yahoo Search Submit and possibly comparison shopping sites such as shopping.com, bizrate.com or amazon.com
  6. Cross promotion and integration – online to offline or vice vesa promotions
  7. Email promotions – Opt in for specials, announcements, closeouts as well as upsell with current clients. Augmented with RSS feed.
  8. Affiliate programs – Allow partner sites to promote products for a comission or bounty

What additional tactics would you add for BtoC online marketing?

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  1. Avatar Igor M. (BizMord Blog) says

    Joint Venturing with online retailers in a similar industry or one that targets the same audience would be beneficial as well.

  2. You mean like partnership marketing? Example: A seller of bbq grills also offers omaha steaks. That works in the offline world, it would seem to make sense online as well.

  3. Avatar Igor M. (BizMord Blog) says

    Lee, I mean that if your company sells Digital photo printouts, you can do a joint venture with a digital camera online store and offer special discount to their customers.

    Think about it. You just bought a digital camera … next you’ll be looking for ways to print your pictures.

  4. Avatar Tom Crandall says


    I really like article sumbissions. A well crafted, informative article is viral and works as an excellent primer to release new products and services.

    In addition, I am a huge fan of pull marketing content. An excellent example would be for Cabelas.com, who sells outdoor supplies, camping, and hunting goods, to create a page on meal recipes for Dutch ovens, which are cast iron pots. When a searcher finds the Cabelas.com page on “Dutch oven recipes,” they are also presented with the latest line of Dutch ovens as well as similar products and accessories.

  5. One of the hottest developments in B2C marketing of lead generation is seen in your point number 6. “cross promotion and integration”. We can learn the power of INTRODUCTION on the consumer side –as it is deployed on the B2B world. Linkedin achieves this by introducing connections in the business world. The same goes for relational and behaviour driven connections for Mom, Dad and Grandma. As an example, our new RoyaltyPoint program at Last Second Media connects prior respondents from the Craftmatic Bed or LifeAlert program to an offering from Diabetes Care Club. Both sides of this cross promotion get a fresh source of daily introductions. Plus both sides monetize their inbox with a well-regulated, timed program for making related introductions. Nifty stuff and I’d love to hear more from Igor, Tom or other readers on this idea.