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Last year I started a new feature for this blog called “Spotlight on Search” and have been able to do quite a few interviews that were pretty interesting. I have my favorites, but after looking at the site visitor statistics and RSS feed stats, here are the top five “Spotlight on Search” interviews according to readers of Online Marketing Blog for blog posts and RSS feeds:

Popular Blog Posts

Popular RSS Feed Items

I think it’s pretty interesting how different the popular blog posts are from the RSS feed. Basically it’s indicative of the difference between the blog subscribers and visitors via links or search.

Doing these interviews has been a great way to produce interesting content and to get to know some of the most interesting people in search marketing. I now have a queue of about 10 people for future interviews but am curious who you would like to see interviewed.

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  1. Avatar Ben Wilks SEO says

    I am aiming to interview some of the inhouse SEO’s out there, the real unsung hero’s of search. I also have a few more ideas up my sleeve.

    Maybe interview some up and coming SEO’s. After all, reading the same names over and over is rather monotinous, especially if you’ve closely followed forums for a good number of years.

    There have to be some new names getting into linkbaiting and leveraging their geek and online journo contacts. They (ya, if they even exist) would make for great interviews.

    – Ben

  2. That’s a good point Ben, but for some of those talented “unsung heros” of SEO, there may be a reason they operate on the down low. They may not want the attention.