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ad:tech Chicago 2006 – Day Two Roundup

Day two of ad:tech Chicago rounded up with a sigh. With all the parties Monday night, I think some of the attendees were looking forward to the end of the day. Lots of good sessions and a few duds, but that’s the way it goes with most conferences. Luckily, the two sessions I covered went pretty well. There were quite a few folks covering the conference so I’ve assembled a list of all search marketing and related posts below:

Coverage by the ad:tech blog:

It’s Hard Out Here for a Traffic Pimp
Waiting for Your Cat to Bark
Developing an Integrated Local Media Strategy

Local Integration
TV Is Changing And TV Companies Better Follow

AdSpace on MySpace – Advertising with Social Media

Making Search Even More Efficient! Increasing Your Search Ranking Via PR and Search as a Branding Mechanism
Intelligence and Idiocy Fill ad:tech Chicago’s Party Scene
Customer Analytics and Marketing Dashboards – The Gift that Keeps on Giving

Booth Babe Offers Relief From Long, Hard Day
Mastering Your Domains
Link Building – It’s All About Quality
Many Monday Night Parties Emerge at Chicago ad:tech
Bullets ‘R Us: Best Practices in Design

Creative Blather Concludes ‘Creative Is Non-Linear’

Sessions covered here at Online Marketing Blog:

Link Building
Big Brands and Podcasting
Warm and Cozy SEO
Waiting for Your Cat to Bark
Advertising with Social Media
ad:tech Announces New Programming Chair Drew Ianni
ad:tech Chicago 2006 – Day One Roundup

Posts by Frank Gruber for iMedia Connection:
WOM in the New Social Media Landscape
Creating the Positive User Experience
Advertising on Social Networks
Integrate Your Local Media Strategy

Posts from the team at DMNews:
Big-Brand Marketers Take Time, Care With New Initiatives
Keynoter Offers Model, Metrics for Cross-Channel Engagement
Ad:tech: Integrated Media Spurs Innovation
Panel: Consumers Trail Speeding TV Technology
Panelists Talk Soaring Mobile Platform
Ad:tech: Keynote Focuses on Design Through Creativity, Social Responsibility
How Many Keywords Does FedEx Have?
Ad:tech Chicago: Key Trends Impacting Advertising, Media and Technology
Drew Ianni Succeeds Susan Bratton as ad:tech Chair

Overall, a pretty good show! Thanks to ad:tech and Steve Hall for having me participate in the conference coverage. You can find out more about ad:tech and upcoming shows at the ad:tech web site.

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  1. Avatar Igor M. (BizMord Blog) says

    Great coverage Lee. Thank you.
    What is your take on PubCon? I am thinking of going there this November.

  2. Hi Igor, I would highly recommend Pubcon. In the past it’s been a really good conference for more practical SEO and online marketing knowledge. The upcoming event in Vegas adds one more day of sessions and has 3 top notch keynote speakers. Plus, the networking with other SEO people is excellent. Definitely go.

  3. Avatar Igor M. (BizMord Blog) says

    I will see you there. Now just need to pick which entertainment shows to see after the sessions.

  4. Sounds great. I’ll be bringing 2 or 3 of our staff with me as well.

  5. Avatar Aaron Pratt says

    Thanks Lee, we can always count on you keep and eye on any trend.

  6. Hi Aaron, I hope it’s useful. One day, we’ll see you at one of these conferences, eh?

  7. Avatar Aaron Pratt says

    Yes indeed, some day if I decide to become a marketer or seo I will show up at one of these events, that is if I can refrain from pissing too many people off in the meantime. All this stuff currently is just self education for me while I try to find something of value to do…know what I mean? 🙂

  8. Something of value? That’s pretty subjective I think. Do what you like, the rest will come.

  9. Avatar Aaron Pratt says

    Yep and I currently enjoy this, take care. 😉