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On one of my other blogs, I received an interesting email today. The offer was not to exchange links, but they offered to write posts for me, about their topic, and they’d link back to their website.

Now, have to say, it’s an interesting idea and, if it wasn’t so far off topic, I might consider it.

The Email:

I got interested in your blog (blog url) while reading it.

And I have a mutually convenient proposal to you.
Also a good team of talented content writers provide me with high quality unique content.

My offer to you is to write some unique watches and jewelry relate posts for your blog. In your turn you would post two text links to one of my sites posted with article.

I’ll be waiting for your opinion. Please, feel free to contact me if you need more details. I am open for other ideas or offers.

I have to give them credit for trying! Actually, if this sounded more professional, and was ‘on topic’ I could see this kind of link building tactic working quite well. Think of it, everyone wins. You get unique targetd content, they get a link from unique targetd content.

Maybe instead of creating your own blog to drive traffic, you should work with blog owners to create content for them while still reaping the benefit though embedded links.

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