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Search Engine Strategies San Jose 2006

Barry has posted the quadruple coverage for SES San Jose with Barry, Ben, Chris and I covering quite a few sessions of the conference for those that cannot attend. It’s also a good read if you’ve been to the conference and want to compare notes.

The sessions I’m covering include: Branding & Search, Blog & Feed Search SEO, News Search SEO, Big Site/ Big Brand SEM, Usability & SEO: Two Wins For The Price Of One. You can find more information on all of the sessions at the SES San Jose 2006 page. There’s a thread on the conference at Search Engine Watch forums and of course, the party info.

While I am only scheduled to cover a few sessions per day for Search Engine Roundtable and here on Online Marketing Blog, I will be posting frequently about the conference with photos and commentary about the show, exhibit hall and after hours events. Google Dance V and WebmasterRadio.fm Search Bash, here we come.

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