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I’ve just added Feedblitz’ subscribe via email as an option on this blog. (under categories on the right)

If you think about it, subscribe via email is something every blog should have as not everyone knows what a feed is or how it all works. For every one person that knows about feeds, there are probably 10 that have no idea. However, almost everyone knows what emails is. So having a subscribe via email is an option all blogs should have.

There are quite a few services out there and one seems to be just as good as the other. I like Feedblitz as it allows me to see who’s subscribed to my blog and I can export the emails too. For an additional cost, I can also design the email templates. Other feed to email services include R|Mail, RSSFwd & Yahoo Alerts.

I’m sure there are may more, what do you like & why?


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  1. Avatar Pulcrapuella says

    I used Feedblitz for awhile, but since March haven’t received regular emails.

  2. Pulcrapuella – The site that you subscribed to may have removed it’s Feedblitz account or disabled it. Or you could have accidentally usubscribed, your notices are going into spam or the blog hasn’t made any posts. There are lots of possibilities. If you find out that everything else seems correct, give them an email and see if they see any issues.


  1. […] I received a comment yesterday on how Feedblitz emails had stopped arriving for one user.  I’m not sure what blog he’s subscribed (the issue wasn’t with this one) but there could be a handful of reasons why the email notifications are not arriving.  However, today I noticed that my Feedblitz alerts, that I had previously setup for a few blogs, were now showing up in my Gmail spam box.  I’m not sure what triggered the email to be marked as spam, however Gmail didn’t like it. […]