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ClickTracks Merges Now Offers Services Including SEO

Early this morning I received an email from John Marshall (as did other bloggers and pubs) announcing the merger of ClickTracks into a group of companies owned by J.L. Halsey that includes: Lyris, EmailLabs, and Hot Banana in a deal worth about $10 million.

I must say, congratulations to John, he’s a great guy, entertaining speaker, smart and very passionate about web analytics. The combined resources of the J.L. Halsey companies is sure to help ClickTracks offer a very valuable set of services to each group of customers as well as attract a new set of clients.

I am posting about this a little late because I wanted to make sure I had a chance to get some additional questions answered first.

Basically, J.L. Halsey made the best offer to allow ClickTracks to grow in the way John had envisioned. There will be some minor up/down pricing changes and training will remain a critical part of ClickTracks’ plans to evangelize and educate marketers on the value of web analytics.

One thing I thought was particularly interesting and that I did not see mentioned in other coverage of this news was ClickTracks’ plans to offer a set of professional services including search engine optimization at $200/hr. PPC and Basic SEO are now offered as Premium Training Modules as well.

How did the merger come about? How do you see it affecting the vision you’ve had for ClickTracks?

The approach was from Halsey, resulting from their vision of complete set of online marketing services incluing email marketing, search analytics, web analytics and content management. I wouldn’t have done this if it didn’t fuel the vision I’ve had for ClickTracks in the first place. You might imagine that we were approached by several suitors. Only Halsey offered the chance to accelerate our plans and integrate with a family of world class products.

Will ClickTracks pricing be affected in any way, short term or long term?

As for pricing, of course we already offer a free product, ClickTracks Appetizer, that has been quite successful at helping us to engage and teach online marketing the smaller business. Yes, there will be some pricing changes, both up and down, but I can’t announce exactly what just yet. Our real focus will be on teaching our customer and prospect base how to use and interpret web analytics results.

Will there be more or different training available? Online and/or offline?

More training? Definitely! We have just updated our training to include web analytics basics, navigation analysis, data mining and segmentation, campaign tracking, revenue tracking, search engine keyword and ranking analysis and my personal favorite, funnel report interpretation.

We also offer free, monthly online marketing classes with guest speakers like Bryan Eisenberg, Jennifer Laycock, Dr. Ralph Wilson, and every once in a while, they let me teach. They are real live classes with no annoying product pitch, and we foot the bill for the online webcasting and audio connections.

What kind of future enhancements are in store for ClickTracks products? Will you be expanding into services or consulting?

Anticipating the deal, we’ve expanded our professional services with custom packages to perform click fraud analysis, search engine optimization and ad campaign optimization. I think it’s already up on the web site as a current service.

Thanks John!

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  1. Avatar Igor M. (BizMord Blog) says

    Let me tackle ClickTracks offering additional service such as SEO.

    For many companies this has been a huge mistake.

    Offering extra services will add to the bottom line as an extra income, but unless you create a separate “name” / “company” for a certain service that can be run as a separate company you’ll never beat competitors who only focus on SEO.

    Think about this … SEO is “unpredictable”. You can’t guarantee a 100% satisfaction. With web analytics it’s a different story.

    So can SEO hurt ClickTracks? It might. If their SEO service does not prove to be good and the buzz goes around the industry about ClickTracks “SEO” not performing as well as many people would like to … the brand “ClickTracks” will be hit hard.

    Result … not only can the SEO product be negatively effected but their main “Web analytics” product can suffer as well.

    Lee, what is your take?

  2. From the information on the ClickTracks web site, it appears the SEO consulting and training they are offering is “basic” even though it is labeled a Premium service.

    Since ClickTracks is becoming part of a family of marketing services/product companies, I suppose it makes sense from their perspective to offer basic SEO training and consulting. If they keep it basic, they probably can tackle simple SEO problems and not be subject to the routine fluctuations that occur with search ranking methodology.

    But this only applies to the technical side of optimization. What about link building, viral marketing, creative content production and the up and coming “social media optimization”? Those are the programs best provided by full-time SEO experts and consulting agencies I think.

    If the ClickTracks SEO service grows, I agree with you Igor, they should brand it as something else. Funny, I seem to recall Lycos starting SEO services a while back. How are they doing with that?

  3. Avatar Igor M. (BizMord Blog) says

    Lee that’s a good one about Lycos.

    Basic SEO won’t get a site ranked in top 10 you know that Lee. You’re absolutely right about those other factors (SMO, Linking, etc) that go into SEO playing an important part.

    Providing “half a service” is not a good strategy for any company especially for a one that has already built its name and should be careful not to destroy it.

    Every time I see a company starting to roll out new services or divisions under the same name I do get worried. Why is P&G so successful? Have you ever seen them use the same brand name for different products?

    Even though Web analytics and SEO are kind of in the same tier they are different services and should not be combined.

    I guess time will show what will happen with this strategy.

  4. Thank you to Jamie O’Donnell from SEO PR for some additional insight into some of the details of this announcement.

  5. Everybody is doing SEO these days.


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