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I’ve been considering writing a post on desktop blogging, however a few other blogs are doing that as we speak and I don’t want to be repetitive.

I’ve tried Performancing and can’t say I was a big fan.  I still have to use my browser so I might as well log into my blog admin.  Flock is the same idea.  I have used Etco in the past and it’s amazing, however I haven’t spent the money for it.  I’ve tried Mars Edit which feels like a lacking Etco and I’ve tried Qumana; twice.

The last time I tried Qumana it sucked.  I’ll be honest.  It either didn’t work the blog platform I was using or what, but now that I’m running WordPress, I’ll try it again.  People are talking good things about it so we’ll give it another go and it is free.

Give me a month or so and we’ll see if I revert back to WordPress’ admin or not.

What do you recommend?  I’m on a Mac and should spring for Etco but I don’t really need it. 😉


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  1. Well I hope that you don’t revert back to the admin panel! Yeah the v2 of Q had pretty bad HTML output, we’re much happier with this version. From other folks they’ve said that once you’ve used Q about 5 times you never turn back.

    You’re right about trying to support individual blog platform features, but WordPress more is on the dev list.

  2. The one thing I miss so far is the ability to add a category. Other than that, it worked quite well. But it’s to soon to tell as I just started re-using it today. 😉