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Battelle’s SearchMob

John Battelle has launched a new Digg style service on his Search Blog called SearchMob. It allows registered users to submit articles and vote on them based on the Pligg content management system. via Google Blogscoped.

Similar services that I’ve found very useful include Piers Fawkes’ Marktd for marketing related stories upon which SearchMob was inspired and Constantine Basturea’s New PR for new media public relations articles.

It seems there may be opportunity to for many of these types of sites to emerge in niche topics. My question is, will they augment or compete with search engines?

Update:  I am a bit red in the face for not mentioning Search N Sniff, a similar service launched by Jonathan Nelson a week ago.

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  1. Jonathan Nelson says:

    Thanks for introducing Search N Sniff to your readers. We’re working hard so that you and others don’t have to. We are working on some things to make the site better and even more useful then it is today. Give me a shout sometime, I’d certainly love to hear back from ya.


  2. Balazs Balint says:

    Hi Lee,
    You ask whether thees site will augment or compete with search engines. I think theese sites provide another way to catalogize and evaluate contents.
    At the moment there are at least three way of finding relevant informations in a special topic.
    1. You can use search engines.
    2. You can use web directories.
    3. You can use social media sites, and evaluation.
    Of course, the it would be ideal to create an application, that combines the benefits of the three methods. But technical resources are limited. I think a system that uses shared resources will provide the basis of a “search engine” that can categorize and can handle the evaluations of users.


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