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Business Wire to License PRWeb Platform

David McInnis of PRWeb dropped me a quick note this a.m. about a new strategic partnership between PRWeb parent, Vocus Communications and Business Wire that includes the licensing of a private label version of PRWeb for use by Business Wire clients.

“Vocus will create and host for Business Wire a co-branded version of the PRWeb direct-to-consumer and SEO service. Business Wire members may disseminate press releases so they will be indexed by major search engines, distributed to thousands of news sites, including Google News and Yahoo News, and delivered through more than 20,000 RSS feeds that collectively reach tens of millions of consumers and thousands of journalists daily.”

This partnership will give Business Wire a leg up over other wire services looking into the optimized press release space. It will also give Business Wire clients the opportunity to take advantage of the new media press release features pioneered by PRWeb.

I agree David, this is big news. Congratulations!

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  1. Avatar Mark Alan Effinger says

    Good morning, Lee,

    I think this also points to another industry trend: fast acquisitions of top-notch talent and technologies in the online media/PR space.

    I heard through the grapevine that Vocus looked at 27 total online PR platforms before acquiring PRWeb. I’m certain they could have acquired others (or even done a mass-acquisition of half a dozen) for the price PRWeb fetched.

    But killer underlying technology, industry momentum and brand all came together in the Vocus-PRWeb deal.

    And we’re seeing the same thing in the Vocus-PRWeb-Businesswire arragement. best of class services joining forces rather than staking out turf.

    This is truly Web2.0 stuff. I sort of see it as “Strategic Mashups”.

    SO tell me, what’s next on the strategic partnering plate? Any insights on your radar?

    Thanks Lee,
    Mark Alan Effinger

  2. I could tell you Mark, but then I’d have to….. 🙂

    Who knows how newsforce.com plays into this situation?

  3. Avatar Mark Alan Effinger says

    Ahhh… good ‘ol Newsforce…

    If I remember right, I believe David McInnis was in many ways the catalyst for Newsforce. He and the PRWeb crew were providing the guidance and insider info the guys behind NF needed to get started. Sort of a 3rd-party credibility gig.

    The NF concept is good… in my experience in internet-time compression, being a follower in an industry and technology that is a fast moving target can be quite a chore.

    But I’m open.

    Thanks for the feedback, Lee.


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