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Jill Whalen Search Marketing Seminar Hits Dallas

Debra Mastaler, Christine Churchill, Jill Whalen at SES San Jose

I got a ping from another old school SEO, Jill Whalen recently about her next search engine marketing seminar. Jill’s group of instructors include: Scottie Claiborne, Karon Thackston, Christine Churchill, Debra Mastaler and Matt Bailey (who is also going to be doing one of the modules for the DMA SEM Certification.

Here’s a fun, short video of Matt from SES San Jose this past summer. (sorry Matt, you crack me up)

Jill and company are very focused on practical, takeaway tips for company marketers:

“Each speaker will build upon the info provided by the previous speaker, giving you a cohesive plan of action you can begin to implement as soon as you’re back at your office.”

Apparently there was a toss-up between Minneapolis and Dallas on the location for this event. Maybe next time Jill! Here are the dirty details:

  • Who: High Rankings¬Æ Search Engine Marketing Seminar
  • What: Intensive, Two-Day Seminar and Workshop
  • When: October 19 & 20, 2006
  • Where: American Airlines Training and Conference Center in Dallas/Ft. Worth
  • Why: To deliver the proven strategies and techniques of search engine optimization that will make your site work harder than it ever has before.

More info and registration here: http://www.highrankings.com/seminar

Use the discount code of: TOPRANK when you register and you will save close to $300!

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  1. Avatar Michael Brito says

    Lee – do you know anyone who is attending this? In reading the agenda, it seems like an introduction to SEO.


  2. Hi Michael, I do not know of any attendees, but I do know the instructors. At least most of them and I would have no problem “vouching” that it would be a very worthwhile seminar to attend for small businesses that want to do their own SEO.

    It’s probably much more than an introduction but likely not an exploration of the “latest” tactics as this is a very white hat crowd that focuses on the tried and true methods of long term search marketing and best practice marketing/business principles in general.

  3. Michael,

    I think you may have emailed me about the level of the seminar (and I answered), but just so others here know, I wrote about the skill level in a recent newsletter article here:


  4. Avatar Michael Brito says

    thanks Jill. I appreciate you sharing this. See you there.

  5. This sounds like fun. Wish I could be there! 🙂