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Marketing Sherpa 2007 SEM SEO Firm Buyers Guide


Marketing Sherpa has released their 5th annual Buyer’s Guide to SEO and PPC agencies. The new report includes:

  • In-depth profiles of 62 PPC agencies and 104 SEO firms include honest notes on which types of clients each works best with — and who should *not* hire them.
  • Practical 80-page Shopping Overviews guide you through the budgeting, decision-making and RFP process.
  • Easy Scan Charts let you compare-and-contrast dozens of search marketing firms at a glance. Includes factoids on pricing, staffing, and specialization. Great for creating your short-list.

There were 104 SEO companies and 62 PPC agencies profiled. You can buy the guides individually at $199 each or as a bundle for $249. Also, you get both a PDF version immediatley for download and a print copy is mailed to you within 24 hours.

This is the 3rd year my SEO firm, TopRank Online Marketing has been included in the guide. It is also the first time another company from Minnesota has been included besides our agency. I guess bragging about it the past 3 years finally annoyed some of the other firms enough to motivate them to make the effort to fill out the survey. 🙂

Being included in this guide has been very helpful for our business. We’ve had several clients mention that seeing our firm included in the guide added to the selection decision of our agency over others. There are many other factors that go into the decision to hiring a search engine optimization firm, but with competition increasing every year, every little bit helps.

Here’s a link to more info on the Guides.

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  1. Avatar Igor M. (BizMord Blog) says

    Lee … I’ve heard of this Guide and even though I bought 2 other guides from Sherpa (the PPC and landing page one) I don’t know how they can really rate SEO companies.

    What are they looking for? # of employees? # of clients? they Google the companies for complaints? They ask to see what tactics these guys use? What is it that makes the guide unbiased and accurate?

    Do they contact the clients? Do they ask to see results they’ve accomplished for clients?…

  2. They rated SEO companies the first year, maybe two but not since. This is only a listing of information on SEO companies organized in a way to make it easier for companies to find an agency. It’s all self-reported info. Of that info, what is validated by Marketing Sherpa, I don’t know.

  3. Last year they had this endless RFP form they suggest for people to use. I thought it would do more harm than good. It looked like something that would be very likely to end up in the Delete folder if sent to a busy SEO.

    What is your opinion on the RFP process?

  4. You’re right, the RFP process is a tricky thing because the really great SEO organizations and consultants out there are not going to chase business. Business is chasing them.

    At the same time, companies need to have a good set of guidelines for selecting a vendor. As I am prone to do, my suggestion is something in the middle that enables the company to get qualitatitve information about SEO vendors while not scaring them away with too many questions.

  5. Avatar SEO BUZZ BOX says


    No thanks!

    To be honest with you I am getting a little tired of all these pay to view ebooks.

    One word comes to mind: Sleazy

  6. It’s called capitalism my friend, a concept you are well aware of.

  7. Avatar Michael Locker MD says


    Michael Locker MD

  8. Avatar SEO BUZZ BOX says

    Not trying to be difficult Lee but how does one confirm the accuracy of the data?

  9. I think that’s a good question Aaron. The info on Marketing Sherpa’s site just says, “Both Buyer’s Guides have been 100% re-researched”. But I know I didn’t get any calls to verify any info.

    I’ve emailed Marketing Sherpa to get a better response, which I think is warranted if people are paying for the guide.

  10. Seriously, I’d rather base my decisions on actual customers (ala epinions.com) than the opinion of a single party.


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