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Reader Survey for Online Marketing Blog

It has been amazing to see the growth of readers to Online Marketing Blog the past year and I really appreciate the comments I’ve received on blog posts and privately.

Our log files show the types of organizations that are reading this blog include huge and small companies, universities, search engines, competitors, friends, etc. To get an even better idea of who the readership is I’d like to invite you to do one or both of two things:

One – Leave a comment – introduce yourself and share your thoughts about what’s working with this blog and/or any improvements you would like to see. I’ve been posting to this blog and it’s blogspot predecessor since 2003 and would like to do a better job soliciting reader feedback so Online Marketing Blog can be even better. Your feedback is valuable and greatly appreciated!

Two – Take this one question poll about the kind of company/organization you work with. This is also a way to test out a polling plugin for WordPress. (Thanks to Jim for the info on the plugin)

I’d like to think that with a better understanding of who reads this blog and what readers are most interested in, I can do a better job at picking topics, interview subjects and news commentary. Blogging has been very good for our business and we want to be able to continue to provide useful information to those that are interested in reading it.

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Lee Odden About Lee Odden

@LeeOdden is the CEO of TopRank Marketing and editor of Online Marketing Blog. Cited for his expertise by The Economist, Forbes and the Wall Street Journal, he's the author of the book Optimize and presents internationally on B2B marketing topics including content, search, social media and influencer marketing. When not at conferences, consulting, or working with his talented team, he's likely running, traveling or cooking up something new.


  1. Avatar Thomas McMahon says

    Hi – I’m Thomas, the designer and blog guru around here. To me, the site works well, but that’s because I put it together. It’s your opinion that really matters as you are the users! Good or bad, we would like to know. 🙂

  2. Greg Hartnett from BOTW here…

    First, I definitely dig the new look and feel. Good job on the update.

    I’d like to see the sporadic “cat post”. Something a bit off topic to let me know more about the people behind the blog.

  3. Hi Lee! I’ve been reading your blog(s) for years, and plan to continue to read it for years. Keep up the great work! And yes, your blog just keeps getting better through all the changes. Change is good!

  4. Hi Lee,

    Your blog continues to deliver first class interviews, news, and info. You have introduced me to many new people, websites, products, and services. I really like the broad range you cover. It’s a regular read for me. Thomas, you did a great job on the new design!

    Listing the author’s name with each post wold be beneficial for quite a few people. I know you do most all the posting Lee, but I think from time to time Thomas squeaks one in there too. People not familiar with you or your blog may not know who is doing the writing.

    I would like to see more technical “How to”, “Why you should” or “Why you shouldn’t” articles and have these focus on the small tips and processes of hands-on seo/sem.

    Thanks much,
    North Rock Publishing

  5. Hi Lee,

    I’ve been reading the blog for about a year. Your participation with the Search Engine Roundtable introduced me to the blog and I became a subscriber. The new look looks great. Keep up the good work.


  6. Hello Lee,
    You have an awesome, interesting blog. We’re wedding photographers in Edmonton and we love reading exciting and quirky cool blogs.

  7. Thanks everyone for the comments, they are very much appreciate.

    More cat posts, eh Greg? I’ve been steering away from that because I thought it would not be interesting, but maybe we’ll have to sneak something in from time to time.

    Post identity will be implemented, thanks Chris. Thomas has another blog he’s been focusing on lately called BloggerDesign.com – be sure to check it out.

  8. Hi Lee

    Love the blog and the new SMO tool. You are on my daily must read list and I enjoy reading your take on things.


  9. Lee, great blog – I enjoy reading it regularly. Always sharp insight, so wish I had more constructive criticism for you. David

  10. Thanks Guys.

    David W. have you added your SMO site to wikipedia or the New PR Wiki yet?

    David B., hopefully we’ll see you at the next ad:tech

  11. Hi! I am a veteran web designer of 10 years (www.keystrokes.net) but a new blogger as of June. I have recently found your blog and it is now on my daily read list. I like the social aspect of blogging – its like my virtual watercooler where I can exchange ideas and learn new marketing techniques. Keep the tips and news coming. More interviews with the “movers & shakers” would be great.

    No real critiques – the look is clean, the content is meaningful and fresh, and it keeps me coming back.

  12. Avatar Thomas McMahon says

    Each post now includes the authors name. 🙂

  13. I added it to wikipedia. I am heading over to the New PR Wiki.

    Thanx for the tip Lee.


  14. Avatar Igor M. (BizMord Blog) says

    Hi Lee,

    This is Igor from the BizMord Blog.
    Glad to say that out of about 40 blogs I follow, yours is the #2 from the top… the first one is my own.

    As I mentioned to few people … you’re everywhere (blogs, forums, conferences, etc.) Are there 3-4 Lee Oddens out there? It’s tough to be one of the first ones to follow and report on new things within this industry and you do it pretty well.

  15. Thanks Char, thanks Igor!

  16. Hi Lee,

    I enjoyed finding your website. I have been taking a poke around as I have a similar one that I started earlier this year. I will make sure to poke my head in and say hi again soon 🙂


  17. Hi Lee,

    First offf, like everyone else here I’m a fan of your blog. The scope of the articles are unique and very engaging. Next time you’re in San Francisco, let me know!

    I’ve been in search marketing for ~7 years at an interactive agency in San Francisco. I started out as a web designer than SEO guy…and now everything else that touches on search marketing. I’ve got my own blog running over at Emergence-Media.com that I just started.

    Keep up the good work,


  18. Hi, Lee!

    I’ve only been following your blog for a couple of months, but find it enjoyable. Must have missed this post last week, though…

    I’m a freelance web designer specializing in accessibility in Saint Paul, recently relocated from Vienna.


  19. Steve, Daniel and Joe – thank you for your comments. Much appreciated!