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DMA-06 SEM Certification Kickoff


The DMA06 conference is getting rev’d up with pre conference sessions Satuday and Sunday. The new search engine marketing certification program started on Saturday with Jeannette Kocsis, VP of Digital Marketing at Harte-Hanks, presenting on “Introduction to Search Engine Marketing” and I followed up with “Search Engine Basics”.

Unfortunatley, I was not able to sit in on Jeannette’s session, but Amanda Watlington said there was great feedback. Here’s the description of the module:

Introduction to Search Engine Marketing: Explore search engine marketing and what it takes for a marketer to achieve search engine marketing results. Learn how to identify ethical search engine marketing practices and how search engines define spam. Learn how to shape the business case for search marketing for your business, and how to staff this valuable marketing function.

Next up was my session:

Search Engine Basics: If you have ever wondered how a search engine builds its database, adds new sites to its index or chooses which results to show, this is the session for you. Learn to identify paid from algorithmic search listings and where search listings appear beyond the search results page. You will also learn how the search marketers’ efforts can impact what the user sees on the page.

There were about 100-130 people in attendance. Rather than rows of chairs they had round table seating, which I liked, it’s just different than I’m used to. Michael Bloom from the DMA did a short introduction and then Amanda Watlington did her bit about the certification program. Then it was my turn for about 2 hours.

If you’ve presented at conferences, you know it’s typically 15-45 min max and then Q/A. Doing a 2 hour presentation is a bit of a different animal and a good test of the speaker’s depth of knowledge and ability to hold an audience. I was uncertain how it would go and I’m happy to say it went pretty well. When you look into a crowd as you’re speaking, you can tell if they’re engaged or not by how they’re looking at you, how much they’re taking notes, body posture, etc.

I’ll be looking forward to hearing from the DMA on the feedback attendees provided. The whole thing was recorded as well so participants in the certification program will have access to it as well as to the presentation (95 slides).

Today Matt Baily presents his module:

Site Indexing Challenges and How to Fix Them: Is your site beautiful to behold, but invisible to search engines? This program focuses on the specific page elements and design technologies that can prevent a site from being included in a search engine database. You will learn how to identify the barriers and what must be done to overcome them.

Who will then be followed up by Detlev Johnson:

Search Engine and Directory Submission/Inclusion Tactics: Want to know how to get your Web site indexed in the search engines using the newest and best practices? This session will outline the newest tactics available for ensuring rapid and complete site submissions. Learn how to get your site included in Google using Sitemaps and explore the many features of Yahoo! Site Explorer as well as other highly effective methods.

All in all, a good start to the conference. On Monday I will be participating on a panel with Amanda and Stephan Spencer: Blogs, RSS and Podcasting. Amanda is covering information about the overall market along with blog optimization tips and Stephan provides a large amount of blog optimization and RSS how to’s. My presentation will present an integrated strategy and case study of blogs, SEO and public relations.

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  1. I really enjoyed your session…very informative!

  2. Thanks Josh, I appreciate that!

  3. Hi,

    Is there an online course that you offer; or one you would reccomend? I have taken the Web CEO online course but would like to further my knowledge.


    PS I love your newsletters. They are very informative!

  4. Dee, if you are a DMA member, you can sign up for the DMA Search Engine Marketing Certification Course.

    Otherwise, be sure to visit SearchEngineWatch.com and monitor search marketing blogs at searchbrains.com for insight from industry experts.

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    Your newsletters are key for me. they are very Important.

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  6. Thanks Lee for the information. I’ll check those websites out.

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