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Phillip Lessen points to a very handy tool from Google called searchmash that appears to be a test interface for Google search results providing text SERPS in the left and matching images on the right. Each search result offers a dropdown menu of options that are normally presented as text links plus options for how you want the link to open.
What’s fun is that you can drag and drop the search results, ie, reorder them.¬†¬† You can also pick from text/images or all images.

Looks like someone’s 20% project I guess.

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  1. Why would Google allow people to know about searchmash when its just a test and not really finished. I mean–there seems to be no point at all to use searchmash since its just copy of Google (but worst).

  2. hi mike, i think google wants to use test sites such as searchmash to see how the public interacts with various features. it’s a playground where they can capture user data that is outside of the google box, a different and fresh view.

  3. I don’t know about you guys, but I like it

  4. I really like it too. The most interesting thing is the ability to reorganize the search results by clicking and dragging. They say it’s just for fun now but they have ideas on how to utilize this. Surly this will be a part in some sort of voting system–any ideas on how exactly this may affect the SERPs?

  5. SEARCHMASH ! It’s very interesting ! Google’s map is very interesting, too. I LOVE GOOGLE !!!

  6. Avatar Andy Headington says

    Now that the big G has purchased YouTube, do you think we’ll see a site called ‘vidmash’ or ‘searchvid’ or something similar? Now that they have millions of YouTube videos (plus their own) they surely need to find a way to incorporating them into the SERPs somehow? Yes or no?

  7. Anything is possible with Google.

  8. Googles gonna buy amazon next

  9. [sorry about my eng.] Everything must evolve, is something isn’t going forward, it falls to the history. SearchMash is a good example of how to make something BEST even more better.


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