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Must Have Directory Submissions

Directory submissions used to be a very big part of most search marketers traffic and link building efforts. That’s changed a great deal in the past few years or so but some directories are still important and have been consistent in their quality guidelines and ability to offer link/traffic benefit.

A short list of our favorite directories include:

In fact, it looks like Brian, Greg and the Best of the Web team are at it again with a special Halloween promotion. 15% off on any directory submissions to BOTW.org by October 31st and the chance to win a plasma HDTV.

If you’ve been to SES or Pubcon conferences, then you’ve definitley seen the ubiquitous black shirts from BOTW worn by their staff and conference attendees. In fact, if you go to an after-conference event, don’t be surprised if 25% of the people are wearing their “BOTW colors”. That kind of fan base doesn’t come from running a second rate directory.

Here are some additional resources on directories and directory submissions:

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  1. Hey Lee,

    I ran across your article from a Google search here. After reading your article, I wanted to add to it.

    I can’t agree enough about the importance of having your site listed in these directories. This day in age, people feel that these directories are nothing more than ghost towns… but it seems that we know differently.

    I have just written two very nice articles regarding Dmoz.org. One talks about how being listed in Dmoz.org can affect your PageRank, and my second article is similar to your article here, but also talks more in depth about what I would suggest being the top five musts in order to get a successful listing in Dmoz.org.

    I want to invite you to view these articles and offer your opinions about it. I have bookmarked your site and also subscribed to your rss feed. I will now be able to stay updated with your publications.

    Take care, and excellent post.
    – Garry

  2. Thanks Garry, I’ll take a look.

  3. A few others I thought worth noting including…


    botw the oldest directory? I think Yahoo might take that distinction.

    Since age (both domain and links) is a G factor, I sometimes wonder
    what might provide better ROI over directory links.

    Buy aged domains already in previously mentioned directories and
    include your link?

    Seek out authority sites worth pursuing IBL’s from?

    Great site Lee. I shall return.

  4. Hm.. Never pay attention to Directory submission until reading this. Thanks !

    MOD of DTM Money Making Forum

  5. Hey SEOsnafu, thanks for stopping by. FYI BOTW is indeed the oldest directory on the web. They started in 1994. Yahoo! was incorporated in 1995.

  6. Avatar Igor M. (BizMord Blog) says

    Lee, good list. As mentioned above the only ones I’d add would be


    That’s all. I guess that kills the other 4,573 other directories. 🙂

  7. Avatar Submit Suite says

    I am one of the persons that encourage the directory submission. Maybe some of the easiest ways to promote to your website is to write articles and publish them in article directories and to submit your website to directories.

  8. I Guess Business.com is shut down now, but there are few more which should be included like goguides.org, gimpsy.com, sevenseek.com, skaffe.com.

    So, far it is nice article.

  9. This article and following comments have been very helpful. But is the cost of these directories really worth it for small businesses?

  10. Sarah, probably not anymore, just BOTW.org. This post was written over a year ago. 🙂

  11. Directory submissions used to be a very big part of most search marketers traffic and link building efforts. Really it is true.

  12. DMOZ takes a very long time to get the site listed in. I am still waiting after a year !!!

  13. Avatar Thmas Grant says

    Awesome article.
    Here is one great directory i always used.