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Five reasons why you should be using an online feed reader.

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Red Feed IconHaving recently switched to an online feed reader (Google Reader) a bit ago, I’m finding out I like it a lot. It’s not perfect, but then again, what feed reader is?

Here are five reasons why you should be using an online feed reader as opposed to a desktop application (including those as part of your browser):

  1. Always have your feeds with you. – Not everyone carries has a laptop or carries it around with them everywhere. With an online feed reader, you’ve always got access via any computer.
  2. Always backed up. – Keeping your feeds on your harddrive means they could be lost if your hard drive crashed or if you accidentally delete them when cleaning out files or upgrading. A good online service will make sure your feeds are safe and sound.
  3. No Downloads. – Nothing to download or install. No need to worry about software conflicts or virus issues.
  4. Not OS Specific. Online readers work on Mac, PC and Linux. This covers probably 99.9% of all computers.
  5. No Upgrade Fees. When online readers update their features you automatically get them. No upgrade fees.

Do you have any other reasons why online readers are better? Or thoughts on why you’ll never leave your desktop application? Do share.

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