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View the updated post with easier instructions on getting Flash into WordPress.

Just when I think I got all my embedding issues figured out with Viper, I find out it doesn’t work with basic Flash files (swf). So I was one again on the plugin hunt.

In no time at all I ended up at Kimili’s site and found the Kimili Flash Embed for WordPress plugin. Upload one file, activate it and then use special code to embed a Flash file into a WordPress blog post. It’s that simple. Still, I’ll never remember the special code, but that’s easy enough to find again as it’s listed on the Plugins page.

There is also a Textpattern version for those of you running that software.

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  1. You should test out the Extreme Video Plugin. There couldn’t be anything easier to use. It comes with built in support for YouTube, Google Video, FLV, QuickTime, AVI, MPEG, WMV,

    You can find the plugin at http://www.rossgerbasi.com/2006/11/18/extreme-video-plugin-30-beta/

  2. I think I’ve checked that out, but I used Viper instead. To bad neither work with Flash (swf). Or does it? The page doesn’t really say.

  3. I guess I haven’t tried .swf. The Flash files I’ve used are .flv (Flash video)

  4. Thanks for your tip… I have used this plugin on my blog which runs WPMU… Here are some other very useful plugins http://emad.blogstogo.com/2007/07/18/updates-to-my-blog/

  5. is it possible in the Registered WordPress Blog? is there any keyword to do that.

  6. Thanks!

  7. (Currently, I am still using ‘Blogger’, and trying to get my WP blog up and running)… BUT when I activated your plug-in, I got the message:

    “The plugin does not have a valid header.”

    I do not typically use FLV, but have a few SWF files on my site (index page has one static one and one that appears periodically). I want to switch to WordPress, but if the flash won’t work, I’ll be forced to move on to something else…

    What header is the plug in looking for? I’m anticipating working with WordPress and was happy to see this plug-in existed.

  8. Avatar Thomas McMahon says


    Check out this updated post on getting Flash to work in WordPress. See if that fixes the issues you’re having.

  9. I’m getting a new site up and would like to place a flash type image into the header of this site. I designed the header and when I upload it into Frugal for WordPress it changes the file to a phg extension. But when I do a post and put the swf file into the post it works as it should(spinning) and the file extension is not changed(still gif). Is there a conflict between the header design and this theme or something else? It there a certain way to upload images into headers so that they will work(swf type flash or gif type).?

    • Avatar Thomas McMahon says

      You would need to contact the theme developer if you are using their tools to upload an insert a Flash file into the header.