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Las Vegas Pubcon Yahoo Party

Yahoo Party at Pubcon
Wow, what a party! Yahoo had a very private, invite-only party last night at the Palms Towers in the Playboy suite.

Pubcon Jolina and Karen at Yahoo Party
Thank you to Yahoo PR for letting me bring Karen and Jolina from the TopRank team. This was their first conference and Karen’s fist time in Las Vegas. There were only 100 or so people invited to this party from a conference of several thousand, so it made quite an impression.

The Playboy Suite was quite a place. Here are a few photos:
Projection Pool Playboy Suite

Pubcon Daron Babin telling tall tales

Pubcon The band at the Yahoo Party

Pubcon Bartender at Yahoo Party

Pubcon Yahoo Party

Pubcon Hanging out in the Pool

I’ve got to run to do my next presentation but will post more photos later or you can check my Flickr page. Nice job on the party Yahoo!

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  1. Play Big, Win Big!

    Viva Las Vegas Amigo!

  2. Sweet!

    Open invitation parties are best. If they are going to have a party, they should open it up a bit more. I subscribe to over 100 search and marketing related blogs. I would have a difficult time narrowing the list down to only 100 search marketers, vendors and webmasters. I’m sure a lot of great people feel a bit snubbed. (IMO) Not the best PR move for such a large and visible company.

    To put it into perspective… (Alan from Vintage Bath & Tub had a bigger party than that in San Jose!)

  3. Very nice!
    Yahoo! has a thing for the palms, I partied in The Real World suite a couple years ago.

    Hawaii SEO, true, but did Alan at least have something as cool as the playboy pool? Perhaps a party size clawfoot tub?

  4. Yeah, a lot of people weren’t too happy about it. I talked to Yahoo PR and they said it had to do with cost. This Pubcon was the biggest ever. The Playboy Suite apparently rents for $40k/night.

  5. Thanks Marc. That Chris Pierce track you put on the photo slide show is fantastic!

  6. [blushing] LOL. Chris is going to be huge. I hope we can afford him when he makes it really BIG. 😉


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