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Matt Cutts of Google was nice enough to take a minute to do a quick interview on his way out from the Pubcon conference in Las Vegas. This was something we had coordinated via email before the conference, but I was lucky to catch him at the last minute.

Matt gives his take on Pubcon parties as well as the “Site Review” panel and sticking up for the mom and pop sites that make silly mistakes because they don’t have good information. Thanks for taking the time Matt!

Update: I want to be clear that Matt is NOT “ripping” on Yahoo and Microsoft in this clip as you can see – he just decided to go to parties that were open to all Pubcon attendees.

Now for the super duper deluxe video interview with Matt, be sure to check out the video eye candy over at WebProNews and Mike McDonald’s interview with Matt using not one, but TWO cameras and a super talented videographer named Richard.

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  1. Nice job Lee! Its funny to hear Matt take a couple of extra parting shots at Yahoo! and Microsoft again..

  2. Jeremy – I don’t think that Brett was allowing video of the actual sessions unless Webmaster World did one themselves…

  3. Most conferences do not allow any video of the sessions unless it’s previously arranged. You’ll just have to come to the next Pubcon and hear it in person.

  4. Avatar Jeremy Luebke says

    Anyone happen to video Matt Cutts in the site review forum talking about that guys 50 domains? I’ve heard different people describe what he was talking about in different ways and I would love to hear it from the horses mouth.

  5. For people who have listened to Danny and Dave’s Daily Search Cast, I would clarify that I coordinated the above video with Matt before the conference and he talked to me about it at the Nine Fine Irishmen a few hours before we actually connected as he was leaving. Just wanted to clarify that I did not catch him randomly as he was walking through the casino. 🙂

  6. Can you say link spam.

  7. SoSecret, I haven’t ever been to sosecret.com. Chris, I didn’t intend any rip on Yahoo or MSFT; it just happened to work out that I didn’t go to their parties.

  8. SoSecret, you’re outta here!

  9. Hey Matt, thanks for your comments and sorry about the “rip” slant on this that seems to be floating around. Obviously if anyone watches the video they can see it for what it is.

  10. Well very good info. Is it possible that some could get that info in the written format as there are many physically challenged people who might find it difficult to listen to the comments made by these experts.

  11. Avatar Josue Rodriguez says

    Lee, thanks for the quick post with Matt Cutts. I believe Matt will be invited next time to Yahoo & MSN parties, surely the parties was not complete without him. Matt’s charismatic persona is definitely rare to come across.

  12. Avatar Ryan Cutts says

    HEY! We have the same last name, Ironic!


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