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PRWeb Podcast Rocks!

Our influencer relations firm consistently uses the PRWeb Podcast service for our clients, but I’ve not taken advantage of the service very often for our own PR efforts with TopRank.

Yesterday for the second time ever, I personally used PRWeb’s Podcast service that’s available when you select a $200 or higher option for press release distribution. As with the first time, I was totally impressed.

The process is pretty simple. You order a press release to be distributed and pick the $200 level. As you go through the process of enabling or activating the various options for the release, you’ll have the option of scheduling a PRWeb Podcast. Pick a date and time that works for you and you’ll get an email with the phone number and access code.

When you call, a member of PRWeb’s staff will give you a rundown of how the interview will happen and then ask you questions about the topic of your release. The great thing about this service is that no matter how many “ummms”, “ahhhs” and rambling that you do, the PRWeb staff that edits the interview audio file can make you sound great.

We distributed a press release this morning on the upcoming Pubcon conference and here is the result of my podcast interview with “Mr. Charisma” Mario, from PRWeb. Mario made it effortless and the editing team took care of the rest.¬† The podcast is embedded as a link in the press release page hosted with PRWeb. It’s also available on the PRWeb Podcast web site.
You can use the audio file anyway you like. After the press release is distributed, you can use the audio file in your pitching efforts to the media and/or link to it from your web site. It’s also great content for the social media press release format.

The best part is, this option comes at no additional charge for the $200 distribution fee. That’s a no brainer in my book.

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  1. Avatar Igor M. (BizMord Blog) says

    Lee, this sounds like a great “add on”. We used PRWeb before with the $200+ distribution option but never took advantage of the podcast (don’t know if it was available then). We will certainly use it in the future.

    Is there a certain time limit for the podcast? I assume 30 min?

  2. Hey Igor, most of the podcast interviews are 5-10 min. You can contact PRWeb for more details.

    Jon, the distribution for the $200 level is much greater than lower entry points including Yahoo News, Google News, inclusion in PRWeb’s Google sitemap, Pheedo distribution network and eMediawire distribution.

    The number of email addresses the release is sent to is determined by how many people have subscribed to the categories you designate when you schedule the distribution. Tens of thousands.

  3. Avatar Jon Van Buren says

    What is the reach of the $200 level Press release program?
    How many address get the distribution for this price?

    Please advise.


  4. Avatar Joseph Carrabis says

    Thanks for posting this (sorry I’m getting to it so late. I’m just now catching up on my blog readings.
    We used PRWeb to broadcast our analysis of the political sites during the ’04 US Presidential campaign and (I admit) I haven’t looked at it much since then. It got the word out, no problem there, so perhaps it’s time for another look. Thanks for bringing this back into my attention. – Joseph