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Pubcon SEO Videos

I now have 5 of the 6 SEO interview videos I’ve shot here at the Las Vegas Pubcon.

Greg Hartnett – Best of the Web
Kevin Lee – Did-It.com
John Marshall – ClickTracks
Greg Jarboe – SEO-PR

I also have one with Patrick Gavin of Text Link Ads but the file is too big for YouTube so I’ll have to get it up to Google Video this weekend.

Now we’re heading over to the actual “Pub” part of Pubcon at the Nine Fine Irisishmen bar at the New York, New York casino. Hopefully we’ll get more SEO videos there.

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  1. Hi, I just wanted to stop by and thank you for providing everyone with the majority of Pubcon footage. I have been adding your videos to my website and because I understand that you have put a lot of hard work in to that, I gave a special nod with a 1 way link. Thanks again.

  2. Thanks Aaron – I have 10 in all including Brett Tabke, Matt Cutts, Rand Fishkin and Todd Malicoat posting later today.

    That WPN interview was interesting – but there’s another one with Rand, Todd and myself via WPN that should be coming out soon and it’s pretty good.

  3. Avatar Aaron Pratt says

    Great little friendly interviews there Lee, you have a good personality and face for the live ones. It was also neat seeing you on WebProNews video. 🙂

    Happy Turkey Day!!


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    […] I knew Lee would come through with some Pubcon video from Vegas. I like how TopRank rolls, gotta add Lee and the gang to the blog roll. […]

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