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The Truth About Search Engine Optimization

Today I’ll be doing a presentation called, “The Truth About Search Engine Optimization” as part of the Visi Data Center 2.0 event.

Basically, the presentation will cover:

  • The current search engine landscape
  • 5 Myths about SEO
  • 5 SEO Tactics To Use Now

I believe there are 400-600 people registered, so it should be a great event. I suspect there may be a few competing (or coopetive) local firms and SEO consultants there, which is good for them because I’m giving out a lot of information in my 30 minutes. However, the presentation is meant for business owners that want to learn more reliable information about what SEO is and what it is not.

Because the majority of the audience will be business owners, I am focusing more on business related “myths” than tactical myths. Although, I do throw a few of those in as a bonus.

Here are the 5 myths I’ll be talking about:

  • SEO is a collection of tricks to fool search engines
  • ‚ÄúPeople in our market don’t use search engines.‚Äù
  • SEO is a single event
  • SEO is a function of IT
  • ‚ÄúOur site doesn‚Äôt get a lot of visitors, so SEO wouldn‚Äôt work for us.‚Äù

And 5 SEO Tactics:

  • Develop Keyword Glossaries and Keyword Glossaries and the Buying Cycle
  • Focus keyword optimization
  • Keep content fresh
  • Link building is forever
  • Measure, Rinse, Repeat

There’s only so much you can talk about in 30 minutes, so it will be interesting what the feedback is. I appreciate Visi for inviting me to speak and am looking forward to it. If you do attend and happen to read this blog, feel free to leave a comment. And if you need top quality hosting, visit visi.com

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  1. please please please tell me you are going to post the presentation! Great topic

  2. Avatar Jeremy Luebke says

    Very good outline for your target audience. I might also add something in there about how to find a good seo firm or employee to hire in house.

  3. Avatar Michael Brito says

    Yes, agree with Obrien…I would like to see the deck.

  4. Looking forward to it – I’ll be there!

  5. Hey guys, I am working on creating a webcast version of the presentation. I just finished giving the presentation and it went great. I am in the Visi Noc now – they were kind enough to give me access so I can connect to the internet.

    Good suggestion Jeremy. I said nothing about how to hire us or find a SEO consultant during my first presentation. And received about 20 business cards after. I have another in 2 hours and might mention the fact that we can be hired to do consulting and we are also hiring SEO staff right now.

    Joe, make sure you say hi!

  6. Hey, Lee – it was great to meet you today! Enjoyed the presentation – minus the wee technical snafu at the beginning, of course…

  7. I was not able to attend but the presentation sounds like a winner. How can I get a copy of the presentation?

  8. Hi Joe, it was nice meeting you as well. That tech glitch at the beginning was painful, but more painful for people in the audience!

    Ira, I’m creating a webcast version of the presentation and am debating whether to make it available as-is or wait until the audio version is done. Regardless, I’ll post to this blog when something is available.

  9. Good post. I just giving a SEO presentation to a President/Business Owner of a company and starting off with your list of SEO Myths, would have been helpful

    “* SEO is a collection of tricks to fool search engines


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