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WordZe Keyword Research Tool


A new keyword research tool called WordZe has launched this week and here is a quick review:

WordZe is a keyword research tool that shows detailed keyword searches, plus ways to track keywords well past their estimated daily search volume. The user data that powers WordZe comes from Internet portals and ISP logs from around the world.

“The tools that WordZe provides do more then just give users a general idea of how often a keyword is being search for, they also allow the user to track daily trends as keywords or industries fall and rise in popularity due to seasons or events in the news.”

WordZe also offers insight into the difficulty of ranking for certain phrases through a tool called WordRank.

Keyword Research Tool

The Keyword Research Tool is where most of the work is done within the site, much like a dashboard. From there you can search keywords and find their count in the search engines, the estimated count and KEI (Keyword Effectiveness Index).

WordZe Keyword Research Tool

WordZe also has a feature that allows you to filter questionable keywords (adult, warez, gambling and drugs) out of the results so that you’ll be on the level with ad networks like Google Adsense and others.

Historical Keyword Data

Once you’ve got a keyword narrowed down, you can check its keyword history. You can even break the data down as small as daily trends. I like the fact that this is done visually with bar graphs. This adds for a quicker synthesis of data at first glance. Because the service is so new, you can only go back to August of 2006, but it’s still very useful.

Historical Data


WordRank is a patent pending tool that will analyze the leading sites for a keyword and will return the ranking difficulty, as well as the monthly links the websites are building. This gives you a handle on just what you need to do to become a contender in the SERPs.


Other notable features that WordZe incorporates:

Keyword Import– The ability to copy/paste long lists of words to analyze and track later.

Search Engine Digger– Download a deep analysis of over 10,000 websites to find related keywords. A quick check of the term “seo” had 10,000 terms in excel format.

Download Top Keywords– Download the previous week’s top 1,000 searches or last month’s top 5,000 searches.

Unlimited Keyword Manager– Manage as many keywords as you need in the Keyword Manager. You can even save the results by date or topic.

WordZe is a paid service, with plans starting at $35/month, or a one-day trial for $7.95. However, all TopRank blog readers have been given a chance to take $10 off the original price to drop it down to $25/month. This offer lasts only until Friday night, however, and you have to follow this link to redeem it.

The developers at WordZe have provided a well thought-out application for keyword research. It’s a straightforward, well documented and inexpensive tool for fundamental keyword research.

Other popular keyword research tools include: KeywordDiscovery, WordTracker, Overture Inventory, Google Keyword Tool, SEOBook Keyword Suggestion Tool.

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  1. Avatar SEM Basics says

    Hello Lee,

    I have also just reviewed Wordze, which you can read here.
    I found WordZe to have a lot of promise, but much room for improvement. With that said, people should note the very end of my review where I suggest a way to use WordZe that I think can be very useful for keyword research and analysis.

    All the best,

    SEM Basics

  2. I’ve used WordTracker. What makes this better?

  3. Wordtracker is fine, but the data only comes from Dogpile and Metacrawler. WordZe also offers the WordRank tool for determining competitiveness. Regardless of that, I don’t necessarily think WordZe is better than Wordtracker, Keyword Discovery or any other keyword research tool. They all vary in their options slightly and different tools appeal to different people. Personally, I use Keyword Discovery.

  4. Avatar Geoffrey Faivre-Malloy says

    I just interviewed Levi at Wordze. You might find the info entertaining and perhaps useful.

    One of the things that I like about Wordze is that they’re constantly adding new features. How often can you say that Wordtracker has done that?


  5. I strongly recommend wordze. Levi has replied very quickly for my questions. His support for this product is great.

  6. Avatar Ben @ Guru Or Bust says

    Hmmm, your right, wordtracker isn’t renound for updating features. I think it comes down to using what your comfortable with provided it gives you results that work. Having said that, I’ll re-adapt myself to anything if I think it provides a competative edge. Thanks for the post.


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