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Blogs have been one of the big buzz items in 2006 along with social media. It seems companies are still trying to figure out whether blogging is worthwhile for their business and where social media fits in within overall marketing strategy. The number of “blog consultants” also appears to be growing at a much faster rate than business blog adoption.

For our clients, we use blogs extensively in both our public relations practice as well as for search engine optimization. One of the most productive uses of blog software as a content management system is for an online media room.


An online media room is a repository of press releases, news coverage and resources that are useful to the media. Managing this information using blog software such as WordPress, Movable Type or even Blogger, can also help the search engine friendliness of the company web site with the added bonus of visibility via blog and RSS channels.

Introduce search engine optimization and social media elements to a blog enabled media room and you’ll have a powerful asset for customers, prospects, media and the various types of search engines. Such a platform is ideal for hosting social media news releases incorporating the deconstructed release information, social bookmarks, RSS subscription options, links to corresponding images, audio, video and other media coverage.

The more media, the more channels you have for exposure. A blog enabled media room provides that benefit without a revamp of an entire web site. Not only do search engines get more content to work with in terms of rankings, but journalists are provided ample resources for writing stories and easy ways to subscribe to subsequent news releases instead of relying on being pitched.

If you add social bookmark buttons to your press releases and white papers, will they ever hit the front page of digg or del.icio.us? Almost certainly not. But what they will do is promote the sharing of that information with members of the community that have interest.

Not every social bookmarking effort has to be a “home run”. Home runs are great, but so are singles, doubles, and triples. Especially if you are capable of producing a significant number of them via a commitment to creating new, useful and unique content on an ongoing basis. Shouldn’t a web site be doing that anyway?

Cumulatively over time, a significant link footprint is created by encouraging the sharing and bookmarking of significant announcements, white papers, press releases, case studies etc.. and if the information is truly useful, it will be shared even more. The results are like any other strategic linking campaign: traffic and increased link popularity which can lead to better search engine rankings and traffic to the web site.

What are some innovative ways you’ve used blogs for search marketing, public relations or for marketing with social media?

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@LeeOdden is the CEO of TopRank Marketing and editor of Online Marketing Blog. Cited for his expertise by The Economist, Forbes and the Wall Street Journal, he's the author of the book Optimize and presents internationally on B2B marketing topics including content, search, social media and influencer marketing. When not at conferences, consulting, or working with his talented team, he's likely running, traveling or cooking up something new.


  1. They are also very useful for getting more ‘personal’ with other webmasters and website owners. Its not the same as just contacting people via email, you can actually give feedback to their thoughts and build some form of relationship.

  2. Avatar Jason Van Orden says

    I’ve used WordPress blogs to create custom podcast publishing platforms for business clients.

    For example, one client had several agents who needed to podcast regular reports about sales areas. We used a modified WordPress blog to create a platform where each agent could call in the report on their cell phone and have it immediately published to the blog and feed.

    Jason Van Orden
    Author, Promoting Your Podcast

  3. Online Newsrooms are also great ways to make sure all of those links from SMO sites don’t get lost to the spiders. Especially on big sites like netscape and Digg who create hundreds of new URLs per day …

  4. Great info again Lee. I don’t quite understand this though,”incorporating the deconstructed release information”. I just blogged about how I used MyBlogLog to get a sponsor for the tour. I’ll definitely “study” this to put my efforts into hyperdrive.

  5. Glen, Jason and Michael, those are great ideas and perspectives! There’s a ton of ways to use blogs and it’s encouraging to get other examples.

    Dave, the deconstructed release information has to do with the social media release format. It breaks down the the release into bullet points of the most important information and also breaks out quotes that way as well.

    Many journalists write stories based on a few “sound bites” or quotes, so providing them information in this way makes it easier (hopefully) to write the story.

  6. Avatar Patrick Schaber says

    Lee – Its a holiday weekend and you have my mind racing with this great post and how I can incorporate more social media at the company I’m with. All our business is through the channel – a social media room would be a great way to stay in front of our channel partners – and help with optimization at the same time. Great info!

  7. Yeh blogs have to be one of the most used and biggest forms of marketing today. They cost nothing and you can write about anything.

  8. With a PR of 7 you know what you are doing.

    Love BLOGs for the ease of adding new content and getting users to interact.


  9. that is an absolute fact.

    contrary to what WSJ has been blurting out that blogs are not a substitute to what the press has to offer.

    these days, blogs are fast becoming the bread and butter of the press and of the many webmasters in the net.

  10. They are so good at delivering an instant community on a subject, product, or service.

  11. This post is exactly what I needed! And it’s only the second one I’ve read.

    It literally pushed my mind into the right ballpark for a fresh promotions/recruitment campaign I’m trying to plan.

    Thanks for the great information and all of your effort Lee!

    Please, keep it coming.

    And what is with the “challenge” question? ;o)

  12. Avatar http://www.eyje.com says

    i liked it!