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Friday SEO Blogs

Here is this week’s batch of new blogs I’ve added to my SEO and social media blog list. Enjoy!

Joe’s SEM Blog – Joe Williams from the UK shares his wisdom on paid search and search marekting in general.

Search Marketing Standard Blog – So that’s where Garret French is hanging out! SMS also offers one of the few print publications on search marketing.

Chris Hooley ThinkBait – The guy behind DrinkBait has other interesting thoughts and a little drama too. He’s also going to Elite Retreat!

No Ignore – A marketer’s experiment at achieving $10k/month from the internet. Welcome Howard!
werty dot net 4.0 – You know when you meet some people and they just seem like “good people”? That’s what George Werty is like. I also thank George for introducing the notion of “meat coma” to the blogosphere.

Cameron Olthius – I didn’t realize Cameron of Pronet Advertising blog and ACSSEO had a personal blog until I typed his name into Google. Duh. A super guy and great search marketer.

flashpoint – Yahoo! Ian Kennedy’s blog on social media advertising. Not too many blogs on this topic and Ian has it down.

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  1. You bet Ian and thanks for stopping by! Be sure to check out the posts from ad:tech and SES on social media advertising as well. 🙂

  2. Avatar Ian Kennedy says

    Thanks for the add Lee. Liked your post on “Myths of SEO” and the “Notify me of followup comments” on your blog is a nice feature.

  3. Wow thanks for the post Lee, I got like 12 new RSS subscribers the day you posted this. You’re a good dude!

  4. Ha, thanks Chris, you deserve many, many more!