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Pre Holiday Search Blogs Roundup

A bit of a short week this week and I’ve come across a nice collection of search marketing blogs as well as one very good journalist blog. Enjoy!

Optimize and Prophesize – SEM goodness from Jonathan Mendez. I bet as many times as I’ve greeted Jonathan with “hey man” and “what’s up guy?”, he probably thought I didn’t know his name. 🙂

SEO Theory – Michael Martinez. How in the world did it take me this long to find Michael’s blog? Michael (used to write) for SEOmoz, but there’s plenty of good SEO advice here too.

WebmasterRadio.FM – Daron and Brandy have launched a blog. I’d love to see more posts and please, clean up that Cold Fusion crap in the url.

Practical Blogging – Robyn Tippins offers tons of good advice on Adsense, affiliate advertising and general help with blogging.

SEM SEO Certification – Ex-TopRanker David Temple has raised the bar on his blog about search marketing certification and training as well as other industry happenings. Good work Dave!

MIMA Search Marketing – Chris Dohman has adeptly taken the reins on this blog and a discussion list for the Minnesota Interactive Marketing Association.

The Organic SEO – Eric Morgan and Joshua J. Steimle from MWI post tips and commentary on the SEO industry. They need to fix the category links though.

Vinny Lingham’s Blog – Online marketing and web 2.0 from Cape Town, South Africa.

Brazen Careerist – Penelope Trunk. Don’t you love that name? She writes on a wide variety of topics as a columnist for the Boston Globe. Her blog is on this list because of a specific post, “How to get your blog (or yourself) mentioned in print“.

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  1. I guess I should visit SEMmoz more often. Corrected.

  2. Michael doesn’t write for SEOmoz any more.

  3. I knew you knew my name, which makes it even more ironic that there’s a typo in it. Or is that not a typo? 😉

    Happy Holidays Lee. And thanks for the kind words.

  4. Aw shit. It could be a typo and it could be this wireless keyboard running low on batteries. Sorry about that 🙂

  5. No worries, I had a nice chuckle over it…

  6. Avatar Chris Dohman says

    Merry Christmas Lee! Thanks for the pub. 🙂

  7. Avatar David Temple says

    Thanks Lee, I learned from the best but I’ll never be as prolific or webiquitos as you. Merry Christmas to you, Susan, the kids and everyone at TopRank. Best wishes in ’07.

  8. Thanks for linking, Lee. And thanks for the list — I never know when I’ll need to quote an SEO maven 🙂

  9. Your captcha almost got me. I’m not as sharp as I used to be…

    Thanks for the attention though. It was one of my fav Christmas presents. Oh, and you got my blog address and name correct. 😉

  10. Thats nice to see you in the Pubcon Lee. You had an interesting topic.