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Some SES Chicago Swag

Checking out the expo hall, there are always a few great deals and lots of free iPods to sign up for. I skipped most of the iPods this year as I was a afraid of all the follow-up emails and/or sales calls.

However, here is some good swag that I did pick up.

SES Chicago Swag
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  • Google color changing orb.
  • Unica Keychane game.
  • Lycos fish stress ball & document clip.
  • Netconcepts climbing hook and compass.
  • Yellowpages highlighter with built in Post-It flags
  • Network Solutions multi-color lightup pen.
  • Ask pen that writes very nice and has a nice design.
  • Bruce Clay Tangle toy.
  • WebTrends magnets.
  • Yahoo magnetic toy in tin.
  • Truelocal rocket toy.
  • DoubleClick electronic die.
  • Chinese SEO coaster.

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  1. There so many marketing gimmics now that we are getting a little phased by all the giveaways. I think there should be new and innovative ideas. Why not instead of giving away an iPod you gave away a quality link to the winners web site.

    It’s time to get with the times

  2. Actually, a link was a prize given away by SEOMoz at one of the after conference parties. Good idea!

  3. Avatar Thomas McMahon says

    I agree mbblogger. I’ve gotten enough pens and cool, but pointless, items. It’s time for some new ideas. There is so much going on in the social search space that giving a link or a post is a great idea.

  4. Avatar Adam Audette says

    “Netcomcepts climbing hook and compass.”

    uh… ahem. it’s called a carabiner 🙂 actually it’s called a keychain with a toy ‘biner.

    back to my tps reports now

  5. Actually, “Netcomcepts” should be “Netconcepts” 🙂

  6. Avatar Adam Audette says

    d’oh! you corrected my correction. can’t believe i left myself open like that. 🙂 (just to keep the smileys going)

  7. Avatar Wayne Ming says

    Can anyone name a good source of advertising for my site:

  8. Avatar Thomas McMahon says

    Wayne – I’d start by looking at what Google, Yahoo or MSN offers. One of them should be able to do almost anything.