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Fix: WordPress database error: [Can’t open file: ‘wp_comments.MYI’ (errno: 144)]

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Wordpress ErrorFor the first time this weekend I ran into a rather common WordPress error: WordPress database error: [Can’t open file: ‘wp_comments.MYI’ (errno: 144)]. I also noticed this morning that Matt Cutts is having the same issue. It may seem scary, however, it’s really simple to fix.

To do so, just log into your MySQL database admin area. More than likely that’s done though your webstie’s control panel and phpMyAdmin.

Once in there, locate your blog’s database and bring up the main screen. The main screen is the one that shows you the listing of all the tables. Locate the the wp_comments table in the list and select the checkbox next to it. At the bottom of that page there is a drop down menu that says ‘With selected:’. Chose ‘Repair table’ and repair it. That should do it.

Your comments should come back to life and all should be well again.

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  1. Thanks! I actually was scared when this happened, and I appreciate your taking the time to post a fix!

  2. When I first came across it, I freaked too. 🙂

  3. Thank you for this simple fix! Worked like a charm from cPanel. I just repaired the entire database and that did the trick.

  4. No problem. I’m glad to have helped.

  5. thanyou for your solution. its very simple work. just repair our database.

  6. Great help! Thanks!

  7. Thanks a million. I didn’t know where to start with this problem but your solution was easy to follow and worked perfectly.

  8. You’re welcome. I actually don’t think I’ve come across this issue since I upgraded to WordPress 2.2. Not sure if that’s a fix or just luck.

  9. Thank you !!

  10. Thanks a lot, that was really simple.

  11. Thanks for the advice.

    I fixed the error in less than minute!!


  12. Alrighty, I tried this.. and it took the text off of my blog, but I still cannot leave or see comments. Whats the dealio? And, the text is still there when I go to write a blog.. its just not there on what visitors see. (if that makes sense)

  13. A simple solution to fixing an otherwise big loss. Loosing our wordpress comments, would be a nightmare..
    Thanks a lot.

  14. I had this problem today and stumbled upon your fix. Thanks so much!

  15. THANK YOU.

    This repaired my blog that's been vomiting errors for months.

  16. Awesome and simple fix! I had an ISPConfig problem with displaying my Server “Monitor” stats and this worked like a dream. Cheers!


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