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Gain Client Support for Successful Search Marketing

One of the most critical early achievements for a successful search marketing project is to gain company-wide support on the client side. Without buy-in from the team members that live and breathe the client’s industry, a successful campaign will be difficult.

In our experience, it’s the client staff that interact with customers that have the best idea of what those customers want. They know the pains and issues faced; they understand the solution that the customer is looking for.

A successful search marketing program taps into the needs of the customer. This is how to grab their attention. Without understanding those needs, engaging them can be problematic.

A lack of support from the client side team can cause issues such as the constant need to “sell your services” and missing out on important content that can be leveraged for efforts such as blogging, viral link building campaigns and press release optimization.

Factors Impeding Buy-In:

  • Company CommunicationsThis is the number one reason standing in the way of support for a search marketing program. If employees do not understand why the company is engaging an agency for marketing and are not clear about the end objective, they will find it very difficult to support and contribute to the program.
  • Undefined Strategy & ObjectivesIt is one thing to not communicate the end objective to your team members, but another thing altogether if a formal strategy and end objective are not defined at all. It seems obvious, but many companies do enter into an search marketing program without really identifying what they hope to achieve.
  • Measurement of SuccessPart of defining a strategy and end objective is also determining how success will be measured.

Agencies often achieve the desired results but if the results are not communicated to the client team in a language they understand, support for the agency will still remain low.

Once the entire client team is on the same page, it is much easier to elicit ideas, trends and concepts. When the client team understands the kind of content that is needed, how it will be used and how it will help their online marketing efforts, there will be more active involvement and less risk of an important concept being left undiscovered.

As for the value of an agency’s efforts, nothing speaks louder than results. Once objectives, expectations and measurement of success are outlined it will be a much simpler task to clearly demonstrate value and keep the client engaged.

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